#Tiger meet

The NATO Tiger Association or the Association of Tiger Squadrons was established in 1961. Its role is to promote solidarity between NATO air forces.

Frisian Flag 2019

Every year Leeuwarden Air Base in the Netherlands is home to the combined NATO exercise, Frisian Flag. This year the Bulldogs from Duluth joint. This 179th Fighter Squadron fly’s the dark colored F-16C. Other participants included Dutch, German, French, Swiss and Polish units. In two week’s time, the aircraft flew two sorties a day exercising several scenario’s.

Nato Tiger Meet 2011

This year, the annual Nato Tiger Meet, or NTM, was held at BA Cambrai in France. Host was the Escadron de Chasse 01.012. The NTM started at May 9th and ended 20th of May. John Redeker visited Cambrai on the 17th.

Nato Tiger Meet (NTM) 2009

This year, the annual Nato Tiger Meet, or NTM, was held at the Belgium airbase of Kleine Brogel in the North of Belgium. Host of this edition was the Belgium 31 “Tiger” squadron which is part of 10 wing, based at Kleine Brogel. The exercise was held from 14 till 20th of September 2009.

Weeze Open House 2008

On April 30, Queensday in the Netherlands and May 1st (Labour day), Weeze Aiport held his 5 years anniversary. Not a large scale openhouse but always interesting and this year the roll out of a former 31 Sm/10 Wing Belgian Air Force F-104G in tiger colors was scheduled. So, time to visit this former RAF base just across the Dutch/German border.

Royal International Air Tattoo 2005

On 16 & 17 July the annual Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT), the world's greatest military air show, was held at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, England. This year themes included 60 years United Nations, Surveillance 05 and Nato Tigers Roar 05.

NATO Tiger Meet (NTM) 2004

This year the Nato Tiger Meet celebrates her 40th Tiger Meet. Host is Recce Wing 51 "Immelmann" at Schleswig-Jagel Air Base in the northern part of Germany. This is the 51st Recce Wing's first ever Tiger Meet, and the first NTM in 20 years to be held in northern Germany. NTM 2004 will focus on operational flying, the foundation upon which these meets are based.

50 Years 313 "Tiger" Squadron

On December 1st 1953 313 Squadron was activated at Volkel AB. Because of operational commitments the celebration of 50th anniversary was held on April 1st and 2nd 2004.

Cambrai Meeting Arién 2003

The French airbase Cambrai combined its 2003 airshow with the end of this years Nato Tiger Meet (NTM) exercise. Although the weather on show day was bad, it attracted a nice variety of participating and visiting aircraft.