Strizhi (Swifts in English) is an aerobatic team formed in 1991 with the Russian Air Force, regiment 237th Centre for Display of Aviation Equipment. The teams flies 6 Mig-29s in single and dual (UB) seat configurations.

MAKS 2011 (Moscow Air Show)

MAKS, also known as the Moscow Air Show is held every odd year at the Zhukovskiy air force base, southeast of Moscow. MAKS is the Russian trade show counterpart of the Le Bourget Paris Air Show and the Farnborough air show. MAKS 2011 took place on 16-21 August 2011.

Czech International Air Fest

The Annual Czech international air fest was held on Friday 10 and 11 September at Turany airport located just southeast of the city of Brno. What makes this show interesting is the large amount of Russian and east European air forces like Romania, Slovakia and Serbia and Montenegro.