A squadron in air force, army aviation, or naval aviation is a unit comprising a number of military aircraft and their aircrews, usually of the same type, typically with 12 to 24 aircraft, sometimes divided into three or four flights, depending on aircraft type and air force.

Orange Jumper

With a special event on 11 November 2023 and a night shoot the evening before, the National Military Museum (NMM) in Soesterberg, Netherlands, celebrated the recent introduction of a unique F-16 into its collection. This one-of-a-kind F-16B J-066 is also known as the “Orange Jumper” which operated as test aircraft for the Royal Netherlands Air Force as well as many European and US Air Forces.

McDonnell Douglas F/A-18

The F/A-18 Hornet is a versatile and formidable fighter/attack aircraft that has served as a backbone of the United States Navy and Marine Corps aviation for several decades. Developed by McDonnell Douglas, now part of Boeing, the Hornet is renowned for its exceptional performance, agility, and multirole capabilities. With its sleek design and powerful engines, the F/A-18 Hornet has proven itself as a reliable workhorse, adept at both air-to-air combat and precision strike missions.

NMM Nightshoot

The Dutch National Military Museum (NMM) located at former Soesterberg Air Base, organised its first Nightshoot event. Spotters were invited to visit on 2 September 2022 during sun-set and early nightfall to photograph aircraft placed on the tarmac outside the museum. Amongst others the F-4E in 32nd TFS colours and the TF-104 were present, which are not always visible during normal museum hours.

RIAT 2022 Departure

Traditionally most of the Royal International Air Tattoo participant’s head home on Monday after the show. Like every year this event can be witnessed with special tickets from two sides of the runway.

Royal International Air Tattoo 2022

After an absence of two years due to the COVID pandemic, the Royal International Air Tattoo, opened its doors again on 16-17 July 2022 at RAF Fairford for Europe’s biggest air show. Highlights on this sold out event included the E-4B, the Republic of Korea display team Black Eagles, flying the KAI T-50B, a Bahrain C-130J, first RIAT visit of the KC-46, Top Aces A-4N and Swedish Air Force History Flight including a Viggen, Dragen and Lancer. Civil highlights included the Oil Spill Response classic Boeing 727.

Frisian Flag 2022

After two years of (Covid) absence, Frisian Flag was back at Leeuwarden Air Base. This year’s participants included Canadian CF-188 (F/A-18) from 425 squadron, Aviano based Vipers from the 510th FS, French Mirages and Rafales and Italian F-2000s and Tornado’s. Germany and the UK also participated, although flying from their home bases. A first this edition was the participation of the F-35.

US Fighter Jets

In this timeline we will look into the operational history of US fighter jets since World War 2. From the P-80 in 1945 till the F-35C in 2019, the US Air Force, Navy and Marines operated 47 major types in the role of air superiority fighter / interceptor or multi role fighter aircraft.

USS Intrepid

When visiting Manhattan, New York, be sure to stop by the USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Located at Pier 86, World War II and Vietnam veteran carrier is home to a collection of over 30 aircraft displayed on the flight deck and inside the hangar. Latest addition to the exhibition is the Space Shuttle Enterprise.

JASDF Phantom Farewell

After 48 years the Japanese Self Defence Force (JASDF) bid farewell to the F-4EJ Phantom II when 301 Hikotai ceased Phantom operation on 20 November 2020. Japan was one of the last Countries in the world operating the type, attracting lots of aviation enthusiasts to the country to see the “Spooks” in action.

Blue Wings 2020

Six Israeli F-16C/Ds Barak fighters, 2 KC707s and a G550 CAEW visited the German airbase at Norvenich. They took part in a two week combined exercise called Blue Wings 2020, starting 17 till 28 August. Unique as this was the first time the Israeli Defence Air Force (IDF-AF) set foot on German soil. Also unique as the IDF-AF isn’t often seen this Northerly in Europe.

Frisian Flag 2019

Every year Leeuwarden Air Base in the Netherlands is home to the combined NATO exercise, Frisian Flag. This year the Bulldogs from Duluth joint. This 179th Fighter Squadron fly’s the dark colored F-16C. Other participants included Dutch, German, French, Swiss and Polish units. In two week’s time, the aircraft flew two sorties a day exercising several scenario’s.

F-14 Units

During the 80s and 90s, the F-14 Tomcat was the backbone of the US Navy. The F-14s seen combat action in Vietnam, both Gulf wars, missions against Libya and even in the Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. The Tomcats were divided amongst 31 fighting squadrons, most of the time carrier-based, and several test- and training units. These squadrons included the famous Wolfpack, Sundowners and Jolly Rogers.

Frisian Flag 2018

Every year Leeuwarden AB in the Northern part of the Netherlands is home to the combined NATO exercise, Frisian Flag. This year two USAF F-15 ANG units joint amongst Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Polish units. In two week’s time, the aircraft flew two sorties a day exercising several scenario’s. Highlight of this year was the participation of two Polish MiG-29s.

Frisian Flag 2017

Every year Leeuwarden AB is home to the combined NATO exercise, Frisian Flag. This year two USAF F-15 ANG units joint amongst Dutch, German, Belgium, French, English and Portuguese units. In two week’s time, the aircraft flew two sorties a day over the North sea West of Denmark.

Eagle deployment Europe

First ever USAF Air National Guard deployment to Europe as a theater security force. 12 Eagles from both Florida and Oregon ANG are based on Leeuwarden AB in the Netherlands. While their they will also participate in the annual Frisian Flag exercise.

Frisian Flag 2015

Frisan Flag is a big combined NATO exercise in the Northern part of Europe, operated from Leeuwarden AB, Netherlands. This year a two deployed US ANG squadrons will participate. Other participants are Poland, Germany, Spain, Finland, Norway and the Netherland.

422nd TES

22nd Test and Evaluation squadron has a unique task. Before any hardware (aircraft) or software is accepted in the US Air Force, it’s operationally tested by the 422nd TES. Known as the “Green Bats” the squadron is part of the 53rd Test and Evaluation Group and operate out of Las Vegas, Nellis Air Force Base. Because of their task they fly the latest and greatest, like the F-22 and F-35. In this article we look into the history and current status of the squadron.

Nato Tiger Meet 2011

This year, the annual Nato Tiger Meet, or NTM, was held at BA Cambrai in France. Host was the Escadron de Chasse 01.012. The NTM started at May 9th and ended 20th of May. John Redeker visited Cambrai on the 17th.

Nato Tiger Meet (NTM) 2009

This year, the annual Nato Tiger Meet, or NTM, was held at the Belgium airbase of Kleine Brogel in the North of Belgium. Host of this edition was the Belgium 31 “Tiger” squadron which is part of 10 wing, based at Kleine Brogel. The exercise was held from 14 till 20th of September 2009.

Belgian F-16 delivery to Jordan

On September 10 2008 the first 4 of 12 former Belgian Air Force (2 and 10 Wg) F-16AM/BM’s were delivered from Kleine Brogel AB, Belgium.

Frisian Flag 2008

During the First two weeks of April, the exercise ‘Frisian Flag 2008’ was held at Leeuwarden AB, in the northern part of The Netherlands. AviaMagazine was present on several day's of the exercise including F-4's and Rafales.

510th Fighter Squadron

Of course not all F-16 squadrons fly with the ANG. Some squadrons are based abroad, like the 510 and 555FS in Italy. AviaMagazine.com looks into the history and present state of the "Buzzards" squadron (510FS) located at Aviano Air Base, Italy.

Dutch F-16 Delivery to Chile, Part 2

On Thursday April 5th another 6 F-16AM&BM’s left the Netherlands for their new home base in Chili. They will be stationed at Cerro Moreno Air Base with Grupo No.8 The Vipers delivered this time were in standard RnethAF camo and markings (no one carried squadronmarkings). They will be repainted in Chili.

Dutch Vipers to Springfield

In 2006 the Dutch Ministery of Defence decided after a study to station 14 F-16AM/BM’s at Springfield Beckley MAP, Ohio to train Dutch pilots. On Monday April 16th, 6 F-16’s left Leeuwarden Air Base for a non stop ferry flight to Springfield.

114th Fighter Squadron

Unlike most ANG units, the 114th Oregon ANG moved from F-16 to operate the F-15 Eagle. AviaMagazine.com looks into the history and present state of the ANG F-15 Eagle fighter school located at Kingsley Field, OR.

Dutch F-16 Delivery to Chile

AviaMagazine is proud to present the exclusive first picture of the former Dutch F-16s on Chile ground in Chile markings, during the delivery flight.

Ample Train 2006

The live logistics exercise Ample Train is taking place from 7 till 10 april at Volkel AB, The Netherlands. The aim of Exercise Ample Train is to focus specifically on logistics and provide training for intensive fighter aircraft ground crew, free from the pressures of a normal air exercise. In concrete terms, ground crew personnel is being trained in duties such as refuelling, carrying out pre and post flight safety checks, and ensuring weapon safety if the aircraft is armed. AviaMagazine was present.

Frisian Flag 2005

Every year Leeuwarden AB in the Northern part of the Netherlands is home to the combined NATO exercise, Frisian Flag. This year with guests from the Germany, Sweden, UK (Jaguars) and Finland (F-18C).

RNLAF F-16 solo display

After several years, the RNLAF replaced it´s demo F-16 (J-016) with a new airframe J-055 and a complete new color scheme. AviaMagazine already was the first site worldwide to show you the first pictures off the rollout at Woensdrecht AB on March 31. Now we're proud to present exclusive pictures of the first acceptation demo held at Woensdrecht AB on April 21st.

TLP 2005-2

Normally lots of F-16's and Tornado's can be seen on a TLP edition, but this edition the majority were F-4 Phantoms; 6 German F-4F ICE and 4 F-4E's from 338 Mira.

112th Fighter Squadron

Like most ANG units, the 112th Ohio ANG also operates the F-16. The history of the 112th started just after the WW I, flying numerous aircraft types, including Consolidated PT-1 F-51s, F-84s, F-100s and A-7s. AviaMagazine.com looks into the history and present state of the "Stingers" squadron located at Toledo Express Airport, Ohio.

TLP 2004-5

This year six TLP courses were scheduled. TLP 2004-05 is the last one at the Belgian airbase Florennes. Because it was the first time that French (Navy) Rafale's participated, this would be a special TLP and a great excuse to visit Florennes AB again. We visited the base during departure day on 5 November 2004.

Last operational F-104

As a former F-104 Starfighter Air Base and to emphasize the good relationship with the local communities, the Kleine Brogel 10th Tactical Wing is planing to place a F-104G on a roundabout. Prior to the official ceremony the 10th Tactical Wing organized an informal Starfighter gathering. The programme included an Italian F-104, the last operational Starfighter!

First Italian F-16 visit The Netherlands

On May 26th for the first time an Italian F-16 visited the Netherlands. This time Volkel Air Base was the lucky base. F-16B MM7269 arrived in the morning with callsign "I7269". To operate the new F-16s within the European coalition, it's necessary to be able to take fuel while in flight. So the F-16s wend to The Netherlands to certify there pilot's using the RNLAF KDC-10.

50 Years 313 "Tiger" Squadron

On December 1st 1953 313 Squadron was activated at Volkel AB. Because of operational commitments the celebration of 50th anniversary was held on April 1st and 2nd 2004.

107th Fighter Squadron

Most of the US ANG units nowadays operate the F-16, amongst which the Michigan ANG is no exception.AviaMagazine.com looks into the 107th fighter squadron (Red Devils) located at Selfridge ANGB, Michigan.