The Royal Netherlands Air Force, RNLAF; Dutch: Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu), is the military aviation branch of the Netherlands Armed Forces.

Orange Jumper

With a special event on 11 November 2023 and a night shoot the evening before, the National Military Museum (NMM) in Soesterberg, Netherlands, celebrated the recent introduction of a unique F-16 into its collection. This one-of-a-kind F-16B J-066 is also known as the “Orange Jumper” which operated as test aircraft for the Royal Netherlands Air Force as well as many European and US Air Forces.

RIAT 2023 Departure

Traditionally most of the Royal International Air Tattoo participant’s head home on Monday after the show. Like every year this event can be witnessed with special tickets from two sides of the runway.

NMM Nightshoot

The Dutch National Military Museum (NMM) located at former Soesterberg Air Base, organised its first Nightshoot event. Spotters were invited to visit on 2 September 2022 during sun-set and early nightfall to photograph aircraft placed on the tarmac outside the museum. Amongst others the F-4E in 32nd TFS colours and the TF-104 were present, which are not always visible during normal museum hours.

Frisian Flag 2022

After two years of (Covid) absence, Frisian Flag was back at Leeuwarden Air Base. This year’s participants included Canadian CF-188 (F/A-18) from 425 squadron, Aviano based Vipers from the 510th FS, French Mirages and Rafales and Italian F-2000s and Tornado’s. Germany and the UK also participated, although flying from their home bases. A first this edition was the participation of the F-35.

Air Force Days 2019

After an absence of two year the Royal Netherlands Air Force Days are back. This two day event, at 14 and 15 July was held at Volkel Air Base and attracting some 430.000 visitors. A nice variety of aircraft were present at the Static and Air show, with the Air Power demo highlighting the flying program. Especially for this event, two Dutch F-35s flew over from the US, with the latest, F-008, being on Dutch soil for the first time.

Frisian Flag 2017

Every year Leeuwarden AB is home to the combined NATO exercise, Frisian Flag. This year two USAF F-15 ANG units joint amongst Dutch, German, Belgium, French, English and Portuguese units. In two week’s time, the aircraft flew two sorties a day over the North sea West of Denmark.

Air Force Days 2016

This edition of the Dutch Air Force Days will enter the history books as first ever public air show appearance of the F-35, formerly known as Joint Strike Fighter. A first for the Dutch a few weeks ahead of the RIAT where the Americans will show their F-35.

Air Force Days 2014

20, 21 June Gilze-Rijen Air Base hosted this year’s Royal Air Force Days. This year’s theme was operation air support and showed the capabilities of today’s Air Force. 245.000 visitors saw modern equipment, but there was also time to look back, for instance to celebrate 50 years of Alouette III service in the RNLAF.

Air Force Days 2013

After a year of absence, The Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days, or Air Force Days, took place at Volkel Air Base on 14 and 15 June 2013. This year celebrating 100 years of military aviation in the Netherlands.

Royal Dutch Lightning

After the RAF, the Royal Netherlands Air Force is the second non US Air Force receiving their first F-35 Lightning II. Although the Dutch haven’t decided yet to buy the new fighter, participation in the development process was agreed. Now after eleven years, the first airframe (AN-1) took to the sky.

Air Force Days 2011

The annual open days of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, called Air Force Days were held on 16 and 17 September at Leeuwarden AB in the north of the Netherlands. Great weather on Friday made the airshow a spectacular event, especially with the use of lots of flares.

Koksijde International Airshow 2011

This year, the Belgian Air Component (COMOPSAIR), Air Force department of the Belgian military, celebrates the 65th anniversary of the Air Force. The costal airbase of Koksijde was the scene of this celebration, with special guests like the Saudi Arabian Hawks and the USAF Thunderbirds.

Royal Netherlands Air Force Days 2010

The annual open days of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, now called Air Force Days were held on 18 and 19 June at Gilze-Rijen AB in the south of the Netherlands. Although the weather wasn’t great there were some interesting visitors. Aviamagazine was present on Friday 18th.

Air Force Days 2009

Volkel Air Base was host to the 2009 Royal Netherlands Air Force Days. 20 July Aviamagazine was present to see the star of the show flying again. After years of restoration, the mighty Avro Vulcan, strategic delta wing bomber, was present on the static and flew a demo during the air show.

KLu Opendays 2008

The Annual Open Dagen (open days) of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was held on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st at Leeuwarden AB in the far north of the Netherlands. Highlights included a Canadian CP-140, the OV-10 and a flying display of the new NH-90. A first for the Netherlands was the Polish team Iskra and the historical RAF trainer Gnat.

KLu Opendays 2007

The Annual Open Dagen (open days) of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was held on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th at Volkel AB in the south of the Netherlands. Highlights included a Hungarian Jas-39, the Turkish Stars demo team and a Polish delegation (Su-22 and An-26).

Dutch F-16 Delivery to Chile, Part 2

On Thursday April 5th another 6 F-16AM&BM’s left the Netherlands for their new home base in Chili. They will be stationed at Cerro Moreno Air Base with Grupo No.8 The Vipers delivered this time were in standard RnethAF camo and markings (no one carried squadronmarkings). They will be repainted in Chili.

Dutch Vipers to Springfield

In 2006 the Dutch Ministery of Defence decided after a study to station 14 F-16AM/BM’s at Springfield Beckley MAP, Ohio to train Dutch pilots. On Monday April 16th, 6 F-16’s left Leeuwarden Air Base for a non stop ferry flight to Springfield.

F-16 vs Spyker F-1

Both the Royal Netherlands Air Force and the Spyker Formula One team tested there strength 20th of April at the Full Throttle event on Volkel AB, where a F-16 raced the Spyker F1 race car.

Dutch F-16 Delivery to Chile

AviaMagazine is proud to present the exclusive first picture of the former Dutch F-16s on Chile ground in Chile markings, during the delivery flight.

KLu Opendays 2006

Aircraft enthusiasts from all over Europe visited Leeuwarden AB in the Netherlands, in the weekend of 16-17 June, for the first appearance in over twelve years of the US Navy demo team The Blue Angels. On Friday there was a small incident with a blown tire during take-off of Angel number 5, which delayed the show a bid, Saturday everything wend fine including the weather.

KLu Open Dagen 2005

The Annual Open Dagen (open days) of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was held on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th at Gilze-Rijen AB in the south of the Netherlands. And from a spotters point of view it was a great edition. Highlights included special guests from Egypt and New Zealand.

Opendays Royal Netherlands Army

May 28 and 29, the Royal Netherlands Army organized it`s annual Open Days. Host for this year event was the Airborne Brigade at former airbase Deelen, located in the center the Netherlands.

RNLAF F-16 solo display

After several years, the RNLAF replaced it´s demo F-16 (J-016) with a new airframe J-055 and a complete new color scheme. AviaMagazine already was the first site worldwide to show you the first pictures off the rollout at Woensdrecht AB on March 31. Now we're proud to present exclusive pictures of the first acceptation demo held at Woensdrecht AB on April 21st.

Afghanistan, Kundus province

After many years of war Afghanistan is now on it´s way to peace. Although there is a long way to go the democratic elections in October are a big step forward. To provide stability in the region, the UN send an International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). ISAF forces are based in Afghanistan and their neighbouring countries and primarily work with a "Show of force" strategy.

KLu Opendays 2004

On Friday 18 and Saturday 19 June the annual Open Dagen of the Royal Netherlands Airforce took place at Volkel AB, Netherlands. Looking at the days with a spotters point of view, it was disappointing. 25 years F-16 with the fewest F-16 in years, no eastern Europe (new NATO members), expect the An-30 and no Migs.

Air-to-air refuelling

Invited by the Royal Netherlands Air Force, AviaMagazine.com joined an air-to-air refuelling mission north of the Wadden islands. On the 20th of February 2004 the KDC-10 saw a total of six thirsty Viper quests. Join us on this once in a lifetime experience.

KLu Open Dagen 2003

The 2003 Klu Open Days were held at Twente Air Base 20 / 21 June 2003. This was the last airshow at Twente, before the base flying operation were closed in 2005. The static offered some great visitors, four Canadian CF-188s, Turkish NF-5s and Hungarian MiG-29. The Airpower demo, Austrian J-35O were amongst the highlights of the air show.

KLu Open Dagen 2001

In 2001, Leeuwarden AB, was the host for the annual Klu Open Days. 6 and 7 July the Royal Netherlands Air Force showed its air power. Highlights this year were two A-4s from the Singapore Air Force, on training in Southern France. As the Netherlands were looking for a F-16 replacement, Italy brought a Eurofighter EF-2000 prototype and France a Dassault factory Rafale. But also some more classic fighters like the Romanian Lancer B (MiG-21) and Germany with the, former East German, MiG-29.

KLu Open Dagen 1995

The 1995 KLu open days were held at Volkel Air Base 30 June and 1 July. The static featured a nice variety of Eastern and Western air forces. Highlights included the Turkish F-5Bs in desert camo and the Czech MiG-21.