#Patrouille de France

Patrouille de France, is the precision aerobatics demonstration unit of the French Air Force operating Dassault Alpha Jet

BAF Days 2016

The Belgian Air Force days this year was held at Florennes air base, well known for hosting the TLP exercise in the past. Like every year the Belgians were able to attract some interesting visitors, amongst them Polish and Slovakian MiGs and Turkish Phantom’s.

Air Force Days 2011

The annual open days of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, called Air Force Days were held on 16 and 17 September at Leeuwarden AB in the north of the Netherlands. Great weather on Friday made the airshow a spectacular event, especially with the use of lots of flares.

Koksijde International Airshow 2011

This year, the Belgian Air Component (COMOPSAIR), Air Force department of the Belgian military, celebrates the 65th anniversary of the Air Force. The costal airbase of Koksijde was the scene of this celebration, with special guests like the Saudi Arabian Hawks and the USAF Thunderbirds.

Cambrai meeting Arién 2010

On June 26, 2010, the French Air Force hosted it’s annual airshow, meeting Arién, at the Northern airbase Cambrai.

Royal Netherlands Air Force Days 2010

The annual open days of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, now called Air Force Days were held on 18 and 19 June at Gilze-Rijen AB in the south of the Netherlands. Although the weather wasn’t great there were some interesting visitors. Aviamagazine was present on Friday 18th.

Air Force Days 2009

Volkel Air Base was host to the 2009 Royal Netherlands Air Force Days. 20 July Aviamagazine was present to see the star of the show flying again. After years of restoration, the mighty Avro Vulcan, strategic delta wing bomber, was present on the static and flew a demo during the air show.

Paris Air Show 2009

20 June 2009, Aviamagazine attended the Salon International de l’aeronautique at Paris Le Bourget, better known as the Paris Air Show. This edition of this bi-annual trade show featured the debuting Russian regional jet SSJ-100 also known as the Sukhoi Super Jet.

Evreux meeting Arién 2007

On July the 8th 2007, the French air force hosted it's annual airshow, meeting Arién, at the transport base Evreux, west of Paris.

KLu Opendays 2007

The Annual Open Dagen (open days) of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was held on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th at Volkel AB in the south of the Netherlands. Highlights included a Hungarian Jas-39, the Turkish Stars demo team and a Polish delegation (Su-22 and An-26).

Cambrai meeting Arién 2006

On July the 2nd 2006, the French air force hosted it’s annual airshow, meeting Arién, at the Northern airbase Cambrai.

KLu Opendays 2006

Aircraft enthusiasts from all over Europe visited Leeuwarden AB in the Netherlands, in the weekend of 16-17 June, for the first appearance in over twelve years of the US Navy demo team The Blue Angels. On Friday there was a small incident with a blown tire during take-off of Angel number 5, which delayed the show a bid, Saturday everything wend fine including the weather.

Airpower 05

This years Airpower air show at Zeltweg Austria, marked the end of Draken operations with the Austrian Air Force. Like earlier editions, Red Bull, played a big part during the air show. So again a great mix between military, civil and warbird action.

Royal International Air Tattoo 2004

On 17 & 18 July the annual Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT), the world's greatest military airshow, was held at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, England. This year themes included 50 years of the Hercules, 30 years of the Hawk and the 60th anniversary of D-Day.

KLu Opendays 2004

On Friday 18 and Saturday 19 June the annual Open Dagen of the Royal Netherlands Airforce took place at Volkel AB, Netherlands. Looking at the days with a spotters point of view, it was disappointing. 25 years F-16 with the fewest F-16 in years, no eastern Europe (new NATO members), expect the An-30 and no Migs.

ILA 2004

The tradition of the ILA dates back nearly one hundred years and reflects the development of aviation. From the outset, it was an international exhibition. The air shows were always trade fairs and at the same time a meeting place for aviation enthusiasts. First the show was held at Frankfurt and Berlin-Tempelhof. After WWII the show was relocated at the German main land. The fall of the Berlin Wall enabled the International Aerospace Exhibition to return to its original location. For the first time, ILA 1992 was held at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport.

KLu Open Dagen 2003

The 2003 Klu Open Days were held at Twente Air Base 20 / 21 June 2003. This was the last airshow at Twente, before the base flying operation were closed in 2005. The static offered some great visitors, four Canadian CF-188s, Turkish NF-5s and Hungarian MiG-29. The Airpower demo, Austrian J-35O were amongst the highlights of the air show.

Mildenhall Air Fete 2000

2000 was the for last Air Fete organized at Mildenhall Air Force Base in the United Kingdom. Although the weather on May 27 was bad, most of the air show went ahead according to plan. The B-2 on the static was a first for Europe. During pouring rains the B-2 started up, flew its demo and landed again to return to the static. The presence of Germany F-4s was a first since the 1988 disaster at Ramstein.