Dedicated to aviation around London, United Kingdom. Mostly Heathrow and Gatwick International Airport.

London Gatwick

Gatwick Airport London's second largest airport and the second busiest airport in the UK after Heathrow. Gatwick is especially interesting in the summer season, when holiday charters take up most of the slots, flying to Mallorca and Ibiza and the Greek islands.

London Heathrow 7 May 2005

Traditionally day two of our trip brings us to the busiest airfield of England, London Heathrow. Because runway 27R was in use, we went to a spot next to the maintenance hanger on a small commercial area. An ideal spot, out of sight of passing traffic and right next to the aircraft on final.

Manchester 6 May 2005

The first stop on our annual England trip was of course Manchester International. Manchester is the busiest airport outside the London area. What makes this airfield interesting is the large amounts of holiday carriers like Thomas Cook, My travel and Monarch.

Manchester - London 2004

Two day trips to the two major airports of England, Manchester International and London Heathrow. Like expected lot's of new operators and livery's were photographed.