Dedicated to aviation in Japan

JASDF Phantom Farewell

After 48 years the Japanese Self Defence Force (JASDF) bid farewell to the F-4EJ Phantom II when 301 Hikotai ceased Phantom operation on 20 November 2020. Japan was one of the last Countries in the world operating the type, attracting lots of aviation enthusiasts to the country to see the “Spooks” in action.

Japan 2006

Japan is well known for its spotter friendly atmosphere. Combine this with unique military aircraft, no where to be seen, and a variety of Japanese airlines, and you have one for the bucket list. Aviamagazine traveled around two of the main islands and visited the hot spots in the land of the rising sun.

Japan Self Defense Force, Air Components

Japan Self Defense Force, Air Components if a coffee table photo book covering the air components of the Japanese Defense Force. 78 pages with 52 full spread photo’s, with stunning photo’s of the F-15, F-4, F-2, YS-11, C-1, OH-1, US-1 and many, many more. This book is free to download and can be used on Apple Mac and iPad.

Australia Trip 2005

In this report we will follow AviaMagazine's correspondent Koen Hartkamp on his trip to Australia. He will visit several airfields, both civil and military.