#Frecce Tricolori

Frecce Tricolori is the aerobatic demonstration team of the Italian Air Force operating Aermacchi MB-339

USS Intrepid

When visiting Manhattan, New York, be sure to stop by the USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Located at Pier 86, World War II and Vietnam veteran carrier is home to a collection of over 30 aircraft displayed on the flight deck and inside the hangar. Latest addition to the exhibition is the Space Shuttle Enterprise.

Royal International Air Tattoo 2019

245 aircraft from 25 countries participated in this years Royal International Air Tattoo, held 19-21 July at RAF Fairford. This is noticeably less than previous years. Also, this year the air show on Sunday was less attractive compared to Saturday, which was disappointing. But still lots of good stuff like the flying demo’s from the Romanian MiG-21 and Spanish Armada EAV-8 Harrier. Highlight of Mondays departures was definitely the B-52.

Royal International Air Tattoo 2018

For the 2018 edition of the world’s biggest military airshow we celebrate 100 years RAF. The Royal International Air Tattoo was held at RAF Fairford on the weekend of 14-15 July, and was blessed with beautiful weather. Over 300 aircraft on display with some special visitors. A big contribution from Canada and the Ukraine was back. Also a first European visit for the JASDF Kawasaki C-2.

Royal International Air Tattoo 2016

The annual Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford would be extra special this year, with the first visit of six F-35s, including the STOVL B version and the first RAF B model. Aviamagazine was present on the last show day and departure day on Monday.

Air Force Days 2016

This edition of the Dutch Air Force Days will enter the history books as first ever public air show appearance of the F-35, formerly known as Joint Strike Fighter. A first for the Dutch a few weeks ahead of the RIAT where the Americans will show their F-35.

Air Force Days 2013

After a year of absence, The Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days, or Air Force Days, took place at Volkel Air Base on 14 and 15 June 2013. This year celebrating 100 years of military aviation in the Netherlands.

KLu Opendays 2008

The Annual Open Dagen (open days) of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was held on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st at Leeuwarden AB in the far north of the Netherlands. Highlights included a Canadian CP-140, the OV-10 and a flying display of the new NH-90. A first for the Netherlands was the Polish team Iskra and the historical RAF trainer Gnat.

Royal International Air Tattoo 2007

The annual Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) is one of the biggest military air shows in the world held at RAF Fairford, United kingdom. We were present on Saturday July 14. Highlights this year was the Indian delectation including two Su-30s and an Il-78 support tanker. Also it was the last public appearance of the F-117 on a European air show.

Meeting Aerien Casaux

Sunday 12 June, the French Meeting aerien was held at Cazaux airbase, located 70 km south of Bordeaux in the South of France. What makes this place special is the 150sq from the Singapore Air Force, which is based at Cazaux with sixteen A-4 and TA-4 Skyhawks. Besides the Singapore AF, the Belgium Air Force also uses Cazaux as a training base. And last but not leased the French test squadron CEV is also based here.

Payerne Open House

Unlike other European countries, open days in Switzerland are very rare. Reason enough for AviaMagazine.com to send a large delegation. Two teams visited Payerne Air Base to celebrate the Swiss Air Force 90th anniversary, the 50th anniversary of the Patrouille de Suisse and 15 years of PC-7s.

KLu Opendays 2004

On Friday 18 and Saturday 19 June the annual Open Dagen of the Royal Netherlands Airforce took place at Volkel AB, Netherlands. Looking at the days with a spotters point of view, it was disappointing. 25 years F-16 with the fewest F-16 in years, no eastern Europe (new NATO members), expect the An-30 and no Migs.

Royal International Air Tattoo 2003

The annual Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) is one of the biggest military air shows in the world held at RAF Fairford, United kingdom. We were present on Saturday July 19th. Highlight this year was the 100 years of flight showcase, which featured some UK museum pieces on the static.

KLu Open Dagen 2003

The 2003 Klu Open Days were held at Twente Air Base 20 / 21 June 2003. This was the last airshow at Twente, before the base flying operation were closed in 2005. The static offered some great visitors, four Canadian CF-188s, Turkish NF-5s and Hungarian MiG-29. The Airpower demo, Austrian J-35O were amongst the highlights of the air show.

Royal International Air Tattoo 2001

For the second year in a row, the Royal International Air Tattoo, took place at RAF Cottesmore. The 30th anniversary of the world’s biggest military airshow couldn’t use its normal RAF Fairford location as the runway was getting a complete overhaul. Aviamagazine visited the show on Sunday 29 July 2001.

Mildenhall Air Fete 2000

2000 was the for last Air Fete organized at Mildenhall Air Force Base in the United Kingdom. Although the weather on May 27 was bad, most of the air show went ahead according to plan. The B-2 on the static was a first for Europe. During pouring rains the B-2 started up, flew its demo and landed again to return to the static. The presence of Germany F-4s was a first since the 1988 disaster at Ramstein.

Cambrai Meeting Arién 1993

On May 25th, 1993, the French air force hosted it’s annual airshow, meeting Arién, at the Northern airbase Cambrai.