An aircraft boneyard or aircraft graveyard is a storage area for aircraft that are retired from service.

Alaska 2015

Thirteen years after our first visit we headed back to the upper most state of the US. In one week we would visit Alaska’s two biggest cities and biggest airports. What changed during the last decade? you wouldn’t be surprised, not very much, thankfully.

Canada Tour 2008

When you’re an aviation enthusiast, there are certain locations high on the bucket list, Canada certainly being one of them. Especially the Northwest Territory is interesting due to the large amount of vintage aircraft, still used in these arctic areas. The Vancouver area sees lots of float planes, combined with the beautiful scenery and wildlife this is a great combination for a road trip.

Moscow Tour 2011

August 2011 we headed to Moscow for an aviation tour around the city and a visit to the MAKS air show. Since Russia isn’t fully open for spotters we joined an organised tour with Aeroprints. With 15 years of experience they have lots of contacts, very useful to visit restricted areas. Although we visited both civil and military sites, the main focus of this article is on civil aviation. Separate articles on the MAKS air show and Monino air force museum can be found elsewhere on this site.

Saffraanberg Open Door

On Sunday, March 9th the Belgian Technical School in Saffraanberg opened his doors. AviaMagazine was present. Lots of aircraft past through the Technical School of Saffraanberg , Tongeren and Kamina in Congo. Together with the staff of the museum Saffraanberg we made a list of the complete inventory starting back in 1946.

Alaska 2002

Our journey started on the 25th of May, when eight photographers gathered on Schiphol airport, Amsterdam. The first stage of this trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul airport (MN) took about eight hours. After six hours we reached our first goal for this trip, Anchorage Ted Stevens International airport, Alaska. This trip would be a unique experiment, combining lot's of airfields, civil, military and a visit to Denali National park. Hightlight of this trip, a flight in a DHC-2 Beaver Floatplain, destination: a lake in the middle of nowhere.