#Air to Air

Dedicated to Air-to-air photography.

Royal Dutch Lightning

After the RAF, the Royal Netherlands Air Force is the second non US Air Force receiving their first F-35 Lightning II. Although the Dutch haven’t decided yet to buy the new fighter, participation in the development process was agreed. Now after eleven years, the first airframe (AN-1) took to the sky.

Air-to-air refuelling

Invited by the Royal Netherlands Air Force, AviaMagazine.com joined an air-to-air refuelling mission north of the Wadden islands. On the 20th of February 2004 the KDC-10 saw a total of six thirsty Viper quests. Join us on this once in a lifetime experience.

Alaska 2002

Our journey started on the 25th of May, when eight photographers gathered on Schiphol airport, Amsterdam. The first stage of this trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul airport (MN) took about eight hours. After six hours we reached our first goal for this trip, Anchorage Ted Stevens International airport, Alaska. This trip would be a unique experiment, combining lot's of airfields, civil, military and a visit to Denali National park. Hightlight of this trip, a flight in a DHC-2 Beaver Floatplain, destination: a lake in the middle of nowhere.