China Aviation Museum

The Tunnel

Highlights of the collection, mostly from the Korean War, are located in the tunnel hangar. The tunnel is located beneath the locationDatangshan mountain and was once used as an secret aircraft hangar on the Shahezhen airbase in the Changping district. The tunnel, 586 meters in length, is connected to the airbase, now used by the 100th Transport Regiment, by a kilometres long taxiway. It was cut into the mountain's rock to provide bomb-proof hangar space when the Shahezhen Air Base was the heart of the Chinese Cold War effort. The taxiway is also used to enter the museum.


It may look like just another MiG, but in Chinese terms at least, it is probably the most significant aircraft in the entire museum. It is in fact the first aircraft of the first batch of Shenyang J-5s (the Chinese-manufactured version of the MiG-17) to be produced, and as such was the very first jet aircraft to ever be built in China, and the beginning of the country's aircraft manufacturing industry.

This is the prototype, designated 0101. = Zhong (Zhongguo 中国). The 0101 produced by the Shenyang factory, performed its initial flight on 19 July 1956

12, Yak-17

30, MiG-9

3487, J-7

11447, J-7

72061, J-8

-, J-12

11264, Q-5

308, Ki-48

0101, JJ-1

44690, RB-5

2249, MiG-15

08, MiG-15

03, MiG-15

25, MiG-15

35, MiG-15

6273, MiG-15

2074, MiG-17

unknown, MiG-17

6691, MiG-17

1783, CL-13

138149/E-216, T-28B

MM6795/4-1, F-104

unknown, Mi-24D

69-15576, UH-1

24, La-11

Transports & Airliners

The museum hold a huge amount of Air Force transport aircraft and Civil Airliners. Aircraft from CAAC and CUA were used by the military as well. There are some very rare aircraft like the C-46s and captured aircraft from Taiwan. Also two Tridents remain in the museum, with a third one, B-2202 (only the fuselage),locationlaying in the back off the museum grounds. If this one will stay in the museum is unclear.


This Il-18V is presented as 232, Mao’s personal aircraft. In fact this aircraft used to be B-230 (184007605) CAAC. The original 232 was broken up years ago. This aircraft can be visited for a small fee and is completely decorated inside as Mao’s original plane, China’s Air Force One.


35046, Il-12

35046, Il-12

4202, Il-14

208, Il-18

B-226, Il-18

B-2024, Il-62

B-2024, Il-62

B-1059, An-12

1151, An-12

311, Li-2

3029, Li-2

unknown, Li-2

8205, Li-2 Marked with 'СКОГА'. Used by Mao Zedong in 1956.

5070, Li-2

XT-115, C-47

XT-610, CV240 Central Air Transport (Taiwan). Captured and used by CAAC

unknown, C-46

50055, HS-121

B-2202, HS121 wreck

50051, HS121

50258, VC-843

60066, Y-5

21397, Y-5

71291, An-24

B-4060, An-24

4134, Tu-4

50256, Tu-124

50257, Tu-124

N220RB, DC-8 Flying eye hospital

Other aircraft

03, L-29

9886, Be-6

9886, Be-6

4114, KJ-1

4114, KJ-1

3884, Y-11

unknown, La-9

06, La-9

JWTZ-205, P.149

-, DHC-2

This concludes our report on one of the world’s greatest aviation’s museums. Since out visit, lots has changed. Aircraft were repainted and new types were added. If you have photo’s, especially of the new types, please send then to us. Do you have other updates, please use the comment box below.

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