Desktop Calendar

Each month we will publish a new free desktop calendar wallpaper for your PC or Mac. Both a military and civil calendar will be available every month.

windows apple Free download and can be used on PC or Mac.

Chrome Extension

Experience our current calendar wallpaper every time you open a new tab. This exclusive extension can be used with any Chrome desktop browser and can be adjusted to your personal aviation interests. Also it will show the latest site updates directly on the new tab.

chrome This extension is free to download and can be used on desktop Chrome browsers.

Aviamagazine Windows app

Stay informed with the latest article and photo additions on the website. See what people are looking at on the website and see a random photo from the Aviamagazine archive every time you start the app.

windows NEW version 2. This app is free to download and can be used on Windows 10/11.

Windows Gadget

AviaMagazine photo’s on your desktop? Now it’s possible with our Windows Gadget. Every half hour the Gadget display’s a new photo taken from the AviaMagazine gallery, on your Sidebar. It’s even possible to personalize the gadget with your own aviation interest.

windows This gadget is free to download but can only be used on Windows Vista or Windows 7.