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AviaMagazine photo’s on your desktop? Now it’s possible with our Windows Gadget. Every half hour the Gadget display’s a new photo taken from the AviaMagazine gallery, on your Sidebar. It’s even possible to personalize the gadget with your own aviation interest.

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This download is free available for all users. Please note, this gadget can only be used on the Windows Vista / Windows 7 operating systems. For more info check the configuration section of this page. To download follow the steps below.

windows Download Gadget

  • Download the gadget, run in directly or save to desktop and install by selecting the file.

  • Optional, configure the gadget, by setting your aviation interest and preferred display size.

Gadget screenshot


In the configuration panel of the gadget you can set three things. First it’s possible to personalize the photo’s shown. Only military photo’s? or only civil? Default is both. Second option is the refresh time. Default every half hour a new photo will be shown, but you can also set 15 minutes or 1 hour.

Screen sizes

The last option is shown on the left. You can set the display size for the gadget to display. Left is the normal size which is used by default. This size is slightly bigger than the Sidebar but is most optimal for the photo quality. Some people although prefer the smaller size which fits in the Sidebar area, then select Sidebar size in the configuration panel.

flyout window with photo data

The gadget has two hotspots with special functions. When you click on the photo, the full version on AviaMagazine will open in your browser. It’s also possible to click on the little white arrow next to the aircraft type. Do so and a fly-out window will open with detailed information about the photo. Information like the serial, location and photographer is showed. Click on the desktop and the fly-out will close again.

If your have any comments about this gadget, please leave them on this page by posting a comment below.

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Gostar den Daas
24 okt 2011 21:21
Fixed. You can now download it directly with the link above.
Gostar den Daas
24 okt 2011 11:54
Oh my, they removed the complete gadget gallery at Microsoft. I will put the gadget on this site shortly!
23 okt 2011 20:27
I need your gadget. but i cant find it in windows gadget. please help me.