Trip Reports
Moscow 2011

August 20

Moscow, Vnukovo VARZ

Second stop of the day was the location VARZ reworks facility at Vnukovo. We had a pre-arranged meeting at the facility which is on the west side of the field. We walked the VARZ ramps, with an Il-86, Boeing 737s and lots of Tupolevs undergoing maintenance or wait for new owners.

In a back lot, two A321s in full Solaris color were seen. This new low-cost airline, unfortunately never started and the airbuses are now with Ural airlines.

RA-65995, Tu-134

RA-85709, Tu-154

RA-02851, EMB120

RA-64510, Tu-214

RA-85740, Tu-154

RA-42425, Yak-42

RA-85743, Tu-154

RA-85760, Tu-154

RA-85785, Tu-154

RA-86136, Il-86

RA-65994, Tu-134

VQ-BID, B7370

RA-64505, Tu-214

RA-85019, Tu-154

RA-85790, Tu-154

VP-BBM, B737

VP-BBL, B737

RA-85836, Tu-154

RA-85723, Tu-154

EI-ERU, A321

EI-ERT, A321

RA-86082, Il-86

RA-64008, Tu-204

RA-76489, Il-76

At the end of the VARZ platform we could take some takeoff shots of aircraft using Vnukovo runway 19. Also we were allowed to walk along the fence and take pictures of the Vnukovo-3 ramp. This ramp was packed with Russian hardware and bizjets.

RA-85809, Tu-154

RA-64016, Tu-204

RA-85765, Tu-154

RA-65919, Tu-134

RA-64022, Tu-204

OE-IIB, F-100

RA-65790, Tu-134

RA-78831, Il-76

RA-42541, Yak-42

RA-85795, Tu-154

RA-42333, Yak-42

VP-BHA, B737

RA-87828, Yak-40

After our visit to VARZ we drove to another location spot near the threshold of runway 19. This was the first spot were Russian spotters were present. Photographs can be made through the fence (fine mazes). There are some pipes crossing the road which give an excellent (unobstructed) view on the runway. We stayed until the sun went under, with no problems with the authorities at all.

RA-42356, Yak-42

RA-64046, Tu-204

VQ-BEQ, A330

RA-42379, Yak-42

RA-42451, Yak-42

VQ-BHC, B737

VP-BYL, B737

RA-73000, B737

VQ-BLT, B737

UR-DND, B737

RA-42375, Yak-42

August 21/22

The official tour ended, but we stayed in the city for two more days. One of our cultural activities for the day was to visit the All Russian Exhibition Centre. Next to the Vostok rocked there is a location Yak-42 RA-42304 on display. The aircraft is fully painted, but the registration can be seen underneath the wings. The Azerbaijan A320 and Orenair Tu-154 were seen on Domodedovo.

RA-42304, Yak-42

RA-85602, Tu-154

4K-AZ84, A320

This concludes our trip to the Moscow region. We’re planning to release a printed book covering this trip later. Stay tuned to learn out more.

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