Trip Reports
Moscow 2011

August 20

Moscow, Domodedovo

First we did a pre-arranged ramp tour. The rainy weather just cleared in time when we drove around the airfield. Leaving the bus in several places. We started at the maintenance area’s and holding platforms next to runway 14R/32L, which was in use for landing.

RF-75351, Il-76

RA-65553, Tu-134

RA-86559, Il-62

RA-76363, Il-76

RA-42446, Yak-42

RA-65097, Tu-134

RA-30048, An-30

RA-65908, Tu-134

RA-86570, Il-62

RA-42340, Yak-42

RA-88165, Yak-40

RA-42524, Yak-42

RA-85789, Tu-154

RA-65090, Tu-134

RA-65054, Tu-134

RA-85782, Tu-154


RA-64021, Tu-204

VQ-BGE, S340

EI-GAA, B767

RA-96101, Il-96

VP-BTJ, A310

VQ-BHW, B747

RA-61701, An-148

4O-AOB, ERJ-190

EX-37401, B737

RA-73010, B757

VP-BBR, B757

VP-BQH, B747

RA-73012, B757

EI-UNU, B777

RA-85828, Tu-154

One of the highlights at Domodedovo is the so called location “corrosion corner”, a boneyard with almost 30 aircraft in various conditions. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to enter the terrain, but photo’s could be made from the edge. Demolition was taking place on a Tu-154 and Il-62 when we visited.

UN-75111, Il-18

RA-86552, Il-62

RA-76806, Il-76

RA-76429, Il-76

EI-DNT, B737

RA-85704, Tu-154

RA-11756, An-12

5A-DKT, Il-62

RA-86590, Il-62

RA-86575, Il-62

RA-85540, Tu-154

EK-86117, Il-86

RA-86143, Il-86

We concluded the ramptour next to the taxiway at the end of runway 14L. (location near the photospot)

RA-12990, An-12

VP-BQH, B747

VQ-BDP, B737

VQ-BBI, B767

VQ-BDI, B737

VP-BUD, B757

VQ-BKF, B757

TC-KLB, A320

RA-65097, Tu-134

VQ-BKW, B737

VQ-BKH, A321

VP-BTT, A319

SU-BPZ, B737

EY-777, B737

EK32006, A320

EI-DTW, B737

In the last part we visit the VARZ rework facility at Vnukovo.

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