Trip Reports
Moscow 2011

August 18


Our first stop of the days was Vnukovo airport. A ramp tour was cancelled so we stopped along location motorway M3 to photograph incoming aircraft using runway 01. From this position (and from the pedestrian bridge over the motorway) also a part of the ramp can be seen. We stayed for a few hours before leaving for our next stop.

CCCP-L5412, Tu-104

VQ-BJV, B737

VQ-BIE, B737


RA-65607, Tu-134

VQ-BID, B737


VQ-BQP, B737


RA-67230, CRJ-200

RA-42438, Yak-42

RA-85796, Tu-154

RA-88231, Yak-40

VQ-BHD, B-737


VQ-BLS, B737

EK-32011, A319

VQ-BCK, B757

RA-85826, Tu-154


The second half of the day we stayed at Domodedovo. Another part of the group did a ramp tour which we would do two days later. We went to location a spot at the end of the parking area next to runway 14L. After a few hours we got into troubles with airport security and we had to leave the area. Unfortunately we didn’t have our photo permits yet, so we complied.


VQ-BKV, B737

RA-64509, Tu-214

VQ-BDP, B737

EY-777, B737

LY-AWD, B737

EZ-A009, B737

RA-73015, B757

EY-85717, Tu-154

RA-42378, Yak-42

VP-BVH, B767

EI-DOE, A320

VP-BTH, B737

RA-85828, Tu154

VP-BPL, Saab 2000

RA-85715, Tu154

EI-UNU, B777

4O-AOA, ERJ-190

RA-65054, Tu-134

TC-JKM, B737

RA-82043, An-124

Show report on the MAKS airshow can be found in our reports section.

dot MAKS 2011 (Moscow Air Show)

August 19

Today we visited the MAKS airshow at location Zhukovsky.

As Zhukovsky is Russia’s main test base, lots of interesting aircraft can be found on the back lots of the massive airfield. All the Russian aircraft builders have maintenance areas as well.

RA-65562, Tu-134

4K-AZ19, Il-76

RA-76845, Il-76

RA-64001, Tu-234

RA-85740, Tu-134

RA-54002, Il-114

RA-76792, Il-76

19 red, Il-38

RA-76529, Il-76

In the next part we visit the boneyard at Domodedovo.

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