Trip Reports
Moscow 2011

August 15

Unfortunately we didn’t get permission to visit Chkalovskaya airbase. So our first stop of the day was the military high school at Ledovo.


Within the military high school grounds, we visited a line of location dumped fighters. The grounds are run down and the fighters are overgrown by the surrounding woods. Apparently the aircraft are for sale (!). The fighters can only be seen with an appointment as they are close to (disused) radar installations of “star city”, used for the Russian space program.

261 outline, MiG-23

15 green, MiG-21

10 yellow, Mi-24

46 white, MiG-29

101 outline, MiG-21

53 outline, MiG-21

69 outline, MiG-21

46 white, MiG-29

21 blue, MiG-29

20 blue, MiG-23

Next stop location Monino central air force museum. We drove past Chkalovskaya where An-72s and some Il-62 and Il-76s could be seen on the ramp. We stopped briefly for a Su-7 (21 yellow) on a stick near an entrance to the base.

An in-depth article on the Monino central air force museum can be found in our open-in-new Out of Service special


Next stop was the location MARZ overhaul plant at Chernoye. On the factory grounds there are a huge amount of An-2 and Mi-8s. A refurbished Mi-8 (RA-25655) was just landing after a test run.

52 yellow, Mi-2



4K-23255, Mi-2

RA-07197, An-2


An-2 was modified to serve as a ekranoplane prototype. This ground wing effect aircraft had one huge delta shaped wing, as clearly can be seen in the photo. The upper wings was absent. The wing ran the full length of the fuselage to the skit in the back of the plane.

RF-02335, An-2

CCCP-33382, An-2

RA-71165, An-2

RF-00889, An-2

RF-00546, L-29

62 yellow, Mi-8

RA-40280, An-2

RA-31506, An-2

RA-68133, An-2

RA-40646, An-2

RA-23800, Mi-2

33 red, Mi-8


RA-32666, An-2


RA-05888, An-3

RF-20440, Mi-8

RA-25655, Mi-8

04 yellow, Mi-4

01 yellow, Mi-1

Just outside the field we stopped in de city of Chernoye at the location artillery museum. On the museum compound there is a MiG-19 (27 red) on a stick and a cockpit section of a MiG-23 (23 blue).

August 16

Thursday the 16th we were back on the road. First stop was a DOSAAF field called location Severka.


This field is some 100km south of Moscow. General aviation on the field includes Yak-18s and 52s, Cessna’s and Tecnam P2000s. Apparently a Tecnam dealer makes use of this field. Most of interest is a stored Sabreliner (RF-14423) parked in the grass. This is the only Sabreliner in the Russian registry.

RF-14423, Sabre 60

RA-62610, An-2

RA-1358G, P2006

In part tree we visit Kolomna, a skydivers airfield with lots of Let 410s and the Yegoryevsk Technical School.

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