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Moscow Tour 2011

By Gostar den Daas | June 2012
A nine day civil and military trip around Moscow, Russia.

August 2011 we headed to Moscow for an aviation tour around the city and a visit to the MAKS air show. Since Russia isn’t fully open for spotters we joined an organised tour with Aeroprints. With 15 years of experience they have lots of contacts, very useful to visit restricted areas. Although we visited both civil and military sites, the main focus of this article is on civil aviation. Separate articles on the MAKS air show and Monino air force museum can be found elsewhere on this site.

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August 14

After arriving in the late afternoon our tour started the next day with visits to several locations. First was the former regional airport of location Bykovo. Nowadays this airport is closed with it’s main terminal demolished. Two Yak’s were present and on the south side of the field there are some stored/dumped aircraft. Next stop was Muzminki Park. A MiG-21 and Mi-2 are preserved near the entrance and within the compound of a paintball terrain, there is an An-2 (60 yellow).


After driving through the city centre we stopped at location Tushino airfield. This former general aviation field is now closed with it’s runways removed. Nowadays it’s the site of the new Spartak Moscow stadium. On the former airfield grounds, there are still some aircraft and wrecks present.

RA-13339, An-26

FLARF-01707, Il-14

26 white, A-90

North of the airport on our way to Sheremetyevo we stopped along the Moscow river. At the Navy museum an location Alekseyev A-90 Erkranoplane (26 white) is preserved in the river.

Sheremetyevo Technical School

In the northeast corner of Sheremetyevo airport, 9 former Aeroflot airliners are stored on the grounds of the location Technical School. The aircraft are guarded by dogs (!) and can’t be visited without an appointment.

CCCP-86003, Il-86

RA-76460, Il-76

RA-86103 Il-86

CCCP-86500, Il-62

RA-85663, Tu-154

CCCP-87676, Yak-40

CCCP-46782, An-24

CCCP-85327, Tu-154

Sheremetyevo 1 and 2

Next was our pre-arranged ramp tour of Sheremetyevo 1 and 2. Before entering the airfield we stopped opposite to location terminal 1 to see the preserved Aeroflot Il-18 (CCCP-75554)(Now removed?). We entered airside near terminal 1 and drove the ramp with our own coach. We walked along a line of Tu-134, Yak-40 VIP jets and drove the other side of the field, location Sheremetyevo 2. Here we stopped for a while to make some landings shots along runway 07R.

CCCP-75554, Il-18

RA-42365, Yak-42

UR-VVM, B737

VQ-BAL, B757

VQ-BAP, B737

RA-42387, Yak-42

RA-65124, Tu-134

RA-96008, Il-96

RA-65721, Tu-134

RA-65576, Tu-134

RA-86492, Il-62

VP-BTA, B737

RA-65723, Tu-134

RA-42424, Yak-42

RA-65930, Tu-134

RA-65124, Tu-134

VQ-BOX, A330

VP-BLF, B737

VP-BGY, B747

RA-96010, Il-96

VQ-BCQ, A330

VP-BQL, B737

RA-96010, Il-96

VP-BGU, B747

RA-89001, SSJ100

VQ-BCV, A330

EI-ELN, A320

RA-96015, Il-96

VQ-BPT, B767

UR-AAG, B767

In part two we visit the military high school at Ledovo , the MARZ overhaul plant at Chernoye and a DOSAAF field at Severka.

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