Trip Reports
Manchester - London 2004

London Heathrow

After a short night's sleep we arrived at the Queens building at the heart of London Heathrow. Due to the risk of terror attacks the viewing roof is closed, you'll need to find an other spot. (by the way, the Queens building roof wasn't a good spot anyway.)

After a short stop to get some coffee we went to Hatton Cross station (one stop with the underground). Hatton Cross offers some good views when runway 27 L/R are in use. Because the weather was dreadful and planes were taking off this was (long gone in the clouds to take some pictures) it was time to try an other spot.

By cab we moved to a roundabout in the middle of the final flight path to runway 09 L. This spot can be found at the end of perimeter road. Standing on a field next to the road the pictures you see below were made.

RA-96010, IL-96

9Y-TJN, A340

LN-RCX, B737

A6-EMR, B777

S2-ACQ, DC10

VP-BUE, B767

9K-AOA, B777

OH-AFJ, B757

EZ-A012, B757

YK-AHB, B747

G-VATL, A340

TS-IND, A320

F-OHPS, A310

P4-EAS, B757

A7-ACE, A330

A6-EYA, A330

6Y-JMP, A340

In all a nice trip with lot's off additions to my first seen list. We certainly will return to Manchester and Heathrow in the near future.

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