Trip Reports
Japan 2006

Tokyo Haneda

Terminal 2

We continued our visit at Tokyo Haneda. Today we stayed at the place observation area of Terminal 2. The whole area has fences, but with photo gaps.

JA8709, YS-11

JA8957, B747

JA8956, B747

JA8956, B747

JA8956, B747

JA8395, A320

JA8392, A320

JA767D, B767

JA8504, B737

JA737H, B737

-, B777

JA8288, B767

JA8288, B767

JA006G, DB-700

JA8099, B747

JA8956, B747

JA104A, A321

JA8099, B747

JA01HD, B767

HL7741, A330

JA801K, DHC-8

JA01MC, A320

JA004G, Saab 2000

JA8360, B767

JA392K, B737

JA01MC, A320

JA8527, A300

JA8278, MD-87

JA8186, B747

JA6686, AS332

JA9931, Bell 212

On our way back to the city, the Tokyo Monorail passes the Japan Coast Guard station located at the North-west side of the airport. It provides good views over the Hangar area.

Tokyo Narita

Last objective before we end our trip was to check out Tokyo’s second international airport Narita which is located East of the city. The place Sakura no yama observation area offers great views when runway 16R is in use. There is a shop and lots of parking space.

N670US, B747

N791UA, B777

JA8919, B747

JA702J, B777

JA732A, B777

N856NW, A330

N14240, B737

N637US, B747

JA8918, B747

JA8150, B747

JA8150, B747

N857NW, A330

JA8077, B744

JA8192, B747

HL7466, B747

N195UA, B747

JA8071, B747

N223UA, B777

B-18212, B747

JA403A, B747

JA8155, B747

JA8163, B747

N117UA, B747

B-HUB, B747

N623FE, MD-11

N121UA, B747

N209UA, B777

9V-SPP, B747

HL7530, B777

9V-SMZ, B747

N662US, B747

N668US, B747

JA612A, B767

JA8185, B747

C-GDVW, A340

JA731J, B777

HS-TNC, A340

HS-TNC, A340

JA731A, B777

N220UA, B777

F-GSQA, B777

N243NW, DC-10

-, B777

JA8081, B747

JA8094, B747

Our second visit to the observation area was during the weekends afternoon. Lots of Japanese spend there day here, watching the action at Narita. The variety of airlines is more interesting as most foreign carriers use Narita. We stayed until there was no light left to make decent photo’s.

JA8917, B747

N637US, B747

JA8184, B747

JA8184, B747

JA8916, B747

N26232, B737

JA8094, B747

N662US, B747

N180UA, B747

JA705A, B777

B-HUA, B747

JA8266, B767

DQ-FJC, B767

JA8155, B747

JA614J, B767

JA8166, B747

HL7526, B777

JA731A, B777

F-OHPT, A310

JA8962, B747

JA8919, B747

N546US, B757

F-OHSD, A330

Museum of Aeronautical Sciences

Last day of our trip we visited the place Museum of Aeronautical Sciences, located on the South side of the airport. 15 aircraft and helicopters are on display of which the first YS-11 ever build is the most interesting.

JA8628, MU-2

JA5258, Fuji 300

JA8611, YS-11

JA9156, S-62

JA9512, SA330

JA7990, Ka-26

JA8611, YS-11

JA5074, Commander 680

JA3007, Cessna 195

Narita 16L

We stayed for a brief period at a place spot watching aircraft landing at the smaller Runway 16L. As the Toho Shrine is still in the path of the runway, it’s not extend to this date.

JA613A, B767

F-OSEA, A340

N751AN, B777

JA8398, B767

JA8996, B737

N767AJ, B777

B-HLK, A330

N776AN, B777

HS-TGW, B747

RA-85837, Tu-154

This concludes our combined civil and military trip to the land of the rising sun. We spend driving over 6000km throughout the most of Japan’s two main islands. A trip of a lifetime which is still one of the highlights of our many spotting trips.

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