Trip Reports
Japan 2006


JA8993, B737

JA351K, B737

JA03YP, EC-135

HS-TAF, A300

JA8393, A320

HL7736, A330

JA8788, YS-11

JA8766, YS-11

JA352K, B737

JA8704, Saab 340

JA8993, B737

JA751J, B777

B-2267, MD-90

B-2216, A319

JA8065, MD-90

JA767B, B767

JA8291, B767

F-OHPK, A340

JA751A, B777

62-1856 / YJ, C-130

JA8945, B777

JA813J, B747

JA848C, DHC-8

B-2643, B737

HL7239, A300

JA8231, B767

JA8996, B737

JA107A, A321

In the afternoon we took flight JAC3653 back to Kagoshima, this time with YS-11 JA8788. Two farewell flights in one day.

JA8788, YS-11

JA8788, YS-11

JA8788, YS-11

JA8788, YS-11

JA8888, Saab 340


Next we headed South again (South Kyushu) for Kanoya Air Base, our first Maritime base during this trip. An open field with lots of viewing opportunities where 211 Kyoiku Kokutai trains JMSDF helicopter pilots. So expect OH-6 and SH-60 movements. 1 Kokugun used this base for its P-3 fleet. First we checked out the place main apron and later we stayed at the end of runway 8R.

8234, SH-60

8775, OH-6

8970, UH-60

8265, SH-60

8779, OH-6

8627, MH-53

5017, P-3

5026, P-3

8256, SH-60

8270, SH-60
Military Police

At every Japanese Air Base you will be confronted by Japanese Military Police or secret service. Don’t worry as long as you’re prepared. What we did up-front is make passport copies and make a letter in Japanese explaining our hobby. The letter can come in handy when normal police stops by for a talk (once during our trip). The MP will understand what you’re doing. The passport copy will save a lot of time as they want information for their file. We also showed a itinerary of our trip, so at most based they were expecting us. It differs from base to base, sometime they came by for a chat or check documents, sometimes they stayed at a distance or even “blend in” with the local spotters. We had some very funny encounters. One guy, making photographs of our car, had an air-band scanner, like most spotters, although we noticed he was “listening” to an AM frequency. On another occasion we had the secret service guy program our (Japanese) car-navigation system to the next base on our itinerary.

Kanoya also has a place museum covering JMSDFs history. The most important post-war maritime aircraft can be seen here. Unique in the collection is the Kawanishi H8K2 Type 2 flying boat.

4771, P-2

6714, Beech 65

8074, HSS-2

8763, OH-6

9023, R-4

9076, US-1

9076, US-1

8608, KV107

9012, T-34

4131, S2

4618, P-2

6263, KM-2

T-31, H8

T-31, H8


The weather was awful when we arrived at Kumamoto, so we only stayed a short time. There is a nice place viewing location parallel to the single runway 07-25.

JA8265, B767

JA737C, B737

HL7735, A321

JA8564, A300

JA202J, CRJ-200

JA8288, B767


Our last stop on Kyushu was the town of Nagasaki. The place airport is located North of the city on an island in Omura Bay.

JA802B, DHC-8

JA801K, DHC-8

JA012D, A300

9 August 1945 at 11:02am, the second atom bomb exploded at Nagasaki, ending World War II. The Peace Park in the town centre marks place ground zero. We visited the Atomic Bomb Museum located next to the park. a very impressive must see, while your in town.


Our first stop on the main island of Honshu was the Air Base Iwakuni. Nowadays the base expended massively. The main runway was moved one kilometre to the east. During our visit this expansion didn’t start yet. The place spot we stayed during our trip, doesn't exist anymore.

The weather wasn’t that great, but we marked off one of our goals, a flying US-1 Shin Meiwa! And to make it even more special a rare UP-3D take-off.

9043, YS-11

8627, MH-53

9132, OP-3

9163, UP-3

9090, US-1

9090, US-1

9090, US-1


45-1074, C-130
On place Miho we parked at the end of runway 25, which is extended, now a days. The only photo we could make was a C-130 coming in, before we ran into troubles with the local police. After lots of talking we agreed to leave. That concluded Miho for us.


Our next stop was Osaka’s Itami international airport. We found a place spot on top of a building at the end of runway 32L. The roof was free accessible and covered by a park complete with baseball fields. Look for the Harada building.

Now a days there is an official place observation area just north of the spot we stayed. This spot is also elevated so offers great view of the main runway.

We didn’t visit Osaka’s new Kansai International airport, build on an artificial island in Osaka Bay.

JA8555, MD-81

JA8969, B777

JA8969, B777

JA8391, A320

JA841C, DHC-8

JA8498, MD-81

JA601A, B767

JA003D, MD-90

JA003D, MD-90

JA8945, B777

JA8945, B777

JA8945, B777

JA8998, B737

JA8272, B767

JA712A, B777

JA851A, DHC-8

JA757A, B777

JA8066, MD-90

JA8985, B777

JA206J, CRJ-200

JA848C, DHC8

On page 3 we will visit our first JGSDF field and see the first Phantoms in action at Misawa.

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