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Japan is well known for its spotter friendly atmosphere. Combine this with unique military aircraft, no where to be seen, and a variety of Japanese airlines, and you have one for the bucket list. Aviamagazine traveled around two of the main islands and visited the hot spots in the land of the rising sun.

Thirteen years after our first visit we headed back to the upper most state of the US. In one week we would visit Alaska’s two biggest cities and biggest airports. What changed during the last decade? you wouldn’t be surprised, not very much, thankfully.

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When you’re an aviation enthusiast, there are certain locations high on the bucket list, Canada certainly being one of them. Especially the Northwest Territory is interesting due to the large amount of vintage aircraft, still used in these artic areas. The Vancouver area sees lots of float planes, combined with the beautiful scenery and wildlife this is a great combination for a road trip.

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August 2011 we headed to Moscow for an aviation tour around the city and a visit to the MAKS air show. Although we visited both civil and military sites, the main focus of this article is on civil aviation.

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In 2009 we made a trip across the southern part of China, exploring famous sights like Shanghai, Tongli, The Yellow Mountains at Huangshan, Karst mountains near Guilin , the rice terraces at Ping An and the famous giant panda’s at Chengdu. And most of all, experiencing the real China. Along the way we checked out some airfields, like Nanchang, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Beijing focusing on civil aviation.

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After many years of war Afghanistan is now on it´s way to peace. Although there is a long way to go the democratic elections in October are a big step forward. To provide stability in the region, the UN send an International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

Aviamagazine's correspondent visited the province of Kunduz and Baghlan, north of capital Kabul, and made the following report on ISAF forces present in this area.

Invited by the Royal Netherlands Air Force, joined an air-to-air refuelling mission north of the Wadden islands.

On the 20th of February 2004 the KDC-10 saw a total of six thirsty Viper quests. Join us on this experience of a lifetime.

Every aircraft enthusiast has a wish list of (exotic) locations to visit. China will be high on everyone’s list. With communism fading and China opening up to the west, this isn’t a dangerous trip anymore. On march 18th 2005, 26 spotters left with a KLM Boeing 747, bound for Beijing.

Check out the exclusive report on this combined civil and military (museum) tour.

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This trip would be a unique experiment, combining lot's of airfields, civil, military and a visit to Denali National park. Hightlight of this trip, a flight in a DHC-2 Beaver Floatplain.

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World Economic Forum

Every year the World Economic Forum (WEF) is held in the Swiss town of Davos. And like every year the attendants, like presidents, ministers and CEO's fly in by plane on Zurich Airport.

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How about four airports in four day's across whole Europe? Why not. First stop Frankfurt Rhein-Main. Day two: Zurich International. Day three: Geneva. And then back again via Paris Charles de Gaulle.

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In this report we will follow AviaMagazine's correspondent Koen Hartkamp on his trip to Australia. He will visit several airfields, both civil and military.

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Manchester - London

Two day trips to the two major airports of England, Manchester International and London Heathrow. Like expected lot's of new operators and livery's were photographed.

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Gatwick Airport London's second largest airport and the second busiest airport in the UK after Heathrow. Gatwick is especially interesting in the summer season, when holiday charters take up most of the slots.

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