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Europe in 4 days

By Gostar den Daas | May 2004
Four airports in four day's.

How about four airports in four day's across whole Europe? Why not. First stop Frankfurt Rhein-Main, always lots of interesting visitors and off course the USAF military field. Day two: Zurich International, Switzerland's main port. Day three: Geneva. Beautiful scenery and lots of bizz-jets. And then back again via Paris Charles de Gaulle.

On the 20th May we departed for Germany and returned four days later after a great trip, with beautiful weather and lots of new registrations noted and airliners photographed.

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Day 1: Frankfurt Rhein-Main, Germany

More information about spotting at Frankfurt Rhein-Main can be found here (in German):

open-in-new Rhein-Main Aviation Society

Viewing spots at Frankfurt are excellent. Because of the size of our group (30 people) we stayed on the roof terras. Another great spot is next to runway 18W near the tunnel under the runway.

The viewing area on top of pier B can be reached through the terminal building. A small entrance fee has to be paid (I belief 3 euro┬┤s. because there was no cashier, we got in for free), and your belongings will be checked before entering. The second level terras, on top of the cafe offers the best views. From this spot most of the field can be viewed including the two main runways and the Rein-main military base. Photographing conditions are sometimes tricky because the sun is against you most of the day. Especially watch out for heat waves when photographing the runway.

D-ABTH, B747

D-AHLW, A310

UK31002, A310

D-ABUH, B767


SP-LKG, B737

D-ALPF, A330

D-AHLH, B737

LZ-MIK, Tu154

UR-42449, Yak-42

ET-AKE, B757

SE-DSU, BAe146


YU-AON, B737

EC-INM, A320
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