Trip Reports
China 2009

Hong Kong - 10 April


This is the official spotting point at Hong Kong and it’s located on top of an high-rise in terminal 2 place (spot 9). Take the elevator to 6th floor near check-in aisle N. Buy a ticket (15 HKD) at the Aviation Discovery Center to enter the terrace. Both runway 25R and 25L can be seen and the Skydeck provides a good view over the apron on both sides of the concourse.

B-KAG, B747

OO-THB, B747

VT-AIB, A310

RP-C7473, B747

B-HXE, A340

HS-PGX, A319

B-KPB, B777

B-HUQ, B747

Macau - 11 April

When you’re in Hong Kong for a few days, Macau is a great daytrip. And when you visit the former Portuguese colonial town Centre, a visit to the airport can’t be missed.

HS-ABG, A320

A6-RJY, B737

N688LS, G-IV

B-MBJ, A300

B-MAN, A319

B-MAQ, A321

B-MHJ, AW139

9M-MML, B737

B-5185, B737

B-MAW, B767

B-22607, A321

9V-TAE, A320

RP-C8611, A320

N788LS, B737

From Hong Kong Island you can take the Turbo Jet ferry, which takes you to Macau in an hour. After arrival we took a taxi to the airport. Both the Left and right side of the terminal place (spot 11) provides an excellent view of the apron, and on the left side the taxiway to the runway build out in the sea, can be seen. Thanks to the casino’s interesting visitors come by, like Sands which transports high rollers between Vegas and Macau.

Guangzhou - 13 April

40 minutes outside the city a huge brand new airport was build and expansion is still taking place place (spot 12). The old location, near the town center place (spot 13), is completely demolished and new development is taking place. As we were leaving on a flight to Guilin, we took pictures from within the terminal.

B-2326, A300

B-2822, B757

B-6339, A321

B-2347, A320

B-6078, A330

Guilin - 13 April

Guilin airport is located 30 minutes west of the city place (spot 14). This small regional airport is probably your starting point, when visiting the Karst mountains. The airport has one terminal with eight gates. Both sides of the terminal give limited views of the apron.

While you’re in the Karst mountains, be sure to check out the possibilities for a balloon ride. First of all, it’s cheap and the views are amazing. We paid 70 euro’s for a one hour flight.

Beijing - 19 April

We traveled through Beijing on our way back to Europe. After arriving in the new terminal (terminal 3) we moved to the old terminal by shuttle bus. All photo’s were made from within terminal 2. Like a visit in 2005, we had no problems whatsoever photographing in the terminal.

B-5241, B737

B-5409, B737

B-5135, B737

P-561, Tu-154

B-5111, B737

B-2685, B737

B-6089, A330

B-5181, B737

B-2652, B737

P-561, Tu-154
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