Trip Reports
China 2005

After the museum we continued to another museum, the place Beijing Aviation Museum. This museum is situated on the Beihang university grounds in the Zhong-guancun district. This district is also referred as the “Silicon Valley” of China. Most of the people involved with the first manned Chinese space flight (Shengzhou-5) attended this university.

25171 P-61

09 La-11

666 VEP-14

7601 P-47

86104, MiG-9


Unique aircraft can be found here, like a P-61 (25171) and the NR-1 also known as the Beijing-1. This aircraft was fully developed by Chinese in 1958, with no success. Only one airframe, on display, was build. Most of the serial on the aircraft on display are fake.

50905, J-6

86102, J-7

86103, Z-5


86106, Q-5

XZ965/L, Harrier

The rest of the afternoon we spent at place spot 1 of Beijing Capital. No sandstorms today.

The arrival of Condoleezza Rice (US Secretary of State) was enough reason for the police to remove us from our spot. After waiting for half an hour, and watching the C-32 land on the other runway (18L/36R), we wear allowed to continue our “work”.

9M-MKC, A330

B-2295, A319

B-2495, B767

B-2563, B767

B-2849, B757

B-2573, B737

B-2647, B737

B-2826, B757

B-2921, B737

B-2968, B737<

B-3995, BAe125

B-7697, CL-604

B-2251, MD90

B-2637, B737

B-4011, CRJ200

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