Trip Reports
Australia Trip 2005

Sydney, Australia

After a long flight, AviaMagazine finally arrived in Sydney. Sydney is the main airport in Australia, with flight coming in from all over the world. Asian countries, like South Korea and Japan are represented with several flights a day, but also countries like New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Fiji, Canada and the United States. Sydney offers a broad range of different aircraft, like SAAB 340s, DHC-8s, 737s, A320s, 767s, A330/340s, 777s and 747s. All the mayor Australian airlines, like Qantas, Virgin Blue, JetStar and REX have many flights a day from Sydney to all the large cities, but also small towns like Lismore.

The airport has three terminals, one for international flights and two for domestic flights. The international terminal has a very nice viewing deck, although you are facing the sun in the morning. The domestic terminal two has some places behind glass, where you can make photos. Besides the terminals, there are also several spots near the runways, which we will visit in November.


VH-VOI, B737

DQ-FJL, B747

VH-VQV, A320

N107UA, B747

A6-ERD, A340

A36-002, B737

JA8184, B747

VH-EBC, A330

A6-EBB, B777

HL7526, B777

HL7700, B777

PK-GPG, A330

VH-EBW, B747

ZK-NCK, B767

ZK-OJH, A320

Lismore / Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a very nice holiday destination for both Australians and foreign tourists. Nice weather and beautiful surf beaches are the main reasons for a visit. You can even make some nice photos when you are lying at the beach.

VH-PRX, Saab 340

VH-VOX, B737

VH-OLL, Saab 340

VH-OGV, B767

ZK-OJK, A320
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