Trip Reports
Alaska 2015


N320KT, DHC-3

N100CE, DC-6

N433AS, B737

N320DL, B737

N403LC, L-100

N949BW, Beech 200

N959BP, B737

N276UP, MD-11

N76514, B737

N272R, C-47

N305UP, B767

N570AS, B737

N1553C, Beech 1900

N3761R, B737

N296UP, MD-11

N321DL, B737

N583FE, MD-11

N344UP, B767

N9056R, DC-6

N932CE, DC-9

N446QX, DHC-8

N583UP, B747

D-ABUZ, B767

N322DL, B737

N544LM, Learjet 35

N935CE, DC-9

Merrill Field

Merrill Field is located just east of downtown next to Highway 1. It’s Anchorage’ main general aviation field and very open like Lake Hood. So with care, you can drive around. Besides a DC-3 and Fedex 727 next to the aviation technology division of UAA, there wasn’t much of interest. On the apron we found an Evangel Air 4500-300 (N4501L). With construction number 1, this is a one of a kind. Only 8 were ever build.

N492FE, B727

N4501L, EV4500

N50CM, C-47


After a few days Anchorage it was time to go to Fairbanks. An 6 hour drive North, we first stopped at Wasilla. Wasilla Airport has a lot of general aviation with a Super Dakota and Hu-16 (N20861) present.

Just before you reach the airport at the end of Beacon Street, take a look at the Museum of Alaska Transport. We took a quick peek what changed as we visited the museum 13 years backs. Of interest are two Dakota’s, a C-123 and F-102. Also a rare sight these days is a Kaman SH-2 Seasprite.

N20861, HU-16

N27TN, R4

N98, C-123


Worth a visit is Talkeetna, 14 miles of highway 3. Just before you arrive at the towns entrance and airport there is a spectacular Mount McKinley viewing point. Luckily for us it was in full view, which doesn’t happen often. The base-to-peak rise is the largest of any mountain in the world, with its summit at 20,310 feet (6,190 m).

Talkeetna Airport is home to K2 Aviation, and others, which offers scenic- and glacier flights to Denali National Park. Denali is worth a visit, but it will take a full day.

N777T, DHC-2

N777T, DHC-2


N929KT, DHC-3

N100BW, DHC-3

N99675, UH-1

N727KT, DHC-3


Fairbanks is the second largest city of Alaska and has the second biggest airport. What makes this airport interesting is the amount of operational propliners. Everts Air has it’s main base of operation here, and with 12 operational DC-6s and Commanders it’s biggest most northerly piston driven airline in the world.

As we were the first this season to visit Everts, we were more than welcome. We walked the backlot, where lots of spare DC-6s are stored for parts. They also drove us to the Everts Fuel facility, on the Northside of the airport. Here was saw Everts DC-9 fuel conversion on N935CE, unique in the world.

N444CE, DC-6

N3050P, DC-6

N400UA, DC-6

N8504Z, C-119

N4206L, C-118

N952AX, DC-9

N555SQ, DC-6

N23AC, C-46

N1110J, EMB-120

N6586C, DC-6

N6174C, DC-6

N54514, C-46

N1837M, C-46

N1837M, C-46

N935CE, DC-9

N7848B, C-46

N451CE, C-118

NC9966, SA-6000

N935CE, DC-9

N501XP, DC-6

N935CE, DC-9

N7780B, DC-6

N744DA, PC-12

The South side of the airport is occupied by general aviation, with it’s own runway and waterway. At the far end, at the technical school, a Fedex 727 is parked. The Float Pond Road next to it, leads to the floatplanes. Although there is a gate, it will open automatically when your drive up to it. Be careful driving around, as you are airside!

N467FE, B727


N812CE, AT-802

N974JB, Kodiak 100

N4492N, G-44

N31522, DHC-2

61 miles outside Fairbanks we drove to the Chena hot Spring . This resort has it’s own landing strip, with their PA-31 present. De drive out there provides beautiful scenery and wildlife.

N9680T, PA31

Downtown in Pioneer park at Airport way, you can find the Pioneer Air Museum. An Air North Beech is standing in front of this small museum dedicated to Bush flying in the North.

N13482, Stinson SR

N701FY, UC-45

66-0934, UH-1

Eielson Air Force Base

Driving through town and taking Highway 2 south, you will pass Eielson Air Force Base. This large Air Base is well known for its Red Flag exercise. Highway 2 runs parallel to the runway and gives great views on the operations. During our visit Lackland B-52 and 180th Fighter Wing (Ohio Air National Guard) were deployed.

Stopping on the shoulder of Highway 2 to take photographs is prohibited.

89-2098 / OH, F-16

60-0022 / LA, B-52

60-0019 / LA, B-52

60-0022 / LA, B-52

60-0012 / LA, B-52

60-0002 / LA, B-52

60-0020 / LA, B-52

63-8880 / HH, KC-135

60-0315, KC-135

63-8023, KC-135

63-0815, KC-135

86-0310 / AK, F-16

58-0054, KC-135

89-2085 / OH, F-16

86-0308 / AK, F-16

60-0342, KC-135

When we drove North to visit the Alaska Pipe Line, we passed a forrest fire near Fox. An Evergreen Huey was already on the job.

N59633, Bell 212

N59633, Bell 212

N905AK, Commander 695

N59633, Bell 212

Like thirteen years back, our visit to Alaska was a great experience with lots of diversity and great people willing to help us with our hobby. Great to see this is still possible with the current situation in the world.

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