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Introducing KLM Dreamliner

By Aviamagazine | November 2015
Inaugural flight KLM Boeing 787-9.

As part of KLM’s fleet renewal program, its first Boeing 787-9 touched down at it’s home base Amsterdam Schiphol on November 14. Just a week later, on Sunday 22 November, we were able to fly the first ever passenger flight. 21 Dreamliners -9 and -10 will join the KLM in the coming years.

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In the early morning of Saturday 14 November, KLM Dreamliner called Sunflower touched down on runway 27 at Amsterdam Schiphol. Although it was 8 am, lots of aircraft enthusiasts gathered to witness this event.

Although PH-BHA took first flight at Boeing on October 14, PH-BHC was delivered first. This due to the delayed C1 flight of the A airframe.

Inaugural flight

On Sunday 22 November, Aviamagazine joined the first ever passenger flight out of Amsterdam. This inaugural flight, and two other later that day, was organized by KLM to let enthusiasts experience the new aircraft.

Like the farewell flight of the MD-11 a year back, the program was more or less the same. We gathered at 7am for checkin and headed for concourse C after clearing security. Around 8 we were driven by bus to cargo platform R, where the Sunflower was waiting together with KLM (DDA) Dakota PH-PBA.

At 9:32 we were cleared for take-off from runway 36L, directly banking left to avoid the heavy hailstorms north of Schiphol. The weather was typical Dutch with heavy rain/hail cloud formations and sunny open spots. The pilots tried carefully to maneuver through the open spots. So our journey took us south, via Rotterdam, over Zeeland. Our route towards Utrecht was changed due to the weather so we turned over Vlissingen and headed back towards Rotterdam, passing the Oosterschelde waterworks and de Maasvlakte. During the flight we stayed at 2000 feet (610meters) which resulted in some concerned telephone calls to the police in Zeeland. 58 minutes after departure we touched down on runway 06.

Aft galley

Forward pantry

Safety video

World business class


Orange mood lightning


Neeltje Jans (Coastal works)

Maasvlakte Rotterdam

The cabin is very light and the large windows of the 787 stand out immediately. Also the LED-lightning, which was demonstrated during the flight contributes to this. Economy class is fitted with huge 11” touch screen, with KLM’s new entertainment system, USB connector and power socket. The aircraft is also fitted with Wi-Fi.

KLM configured the Dreamliner in a 294 seats in a three-class layout. 30 lie-flat seats in world business class, 48 seats in economy comfort and 216 in economy, arranged in a 3-3-3 setup.

Monday 23 November the Dreamliner started normal service on the Amsterdam - Abu Dhabi-Bahrain route.

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