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Royal International Air Tattoo 2019

By Gostar den Daas | July 2019
Celebrating NATO 70th anniversary.

245 aircraft from 25 countries participated in this years Royal International Air Tattoo, held 19-21 July at RAF Fairford. This is noticeably less than previous years. Also, this year the air show on Sunday was less attractive compared to Saturday, which was disappointing. But still lots of good stuff like the flying demo’s from the Romanian MiG-21 and Spanish Armada EAV-8 Harrier. Highlight of Mondays departures was definitely the B-52.

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Less aircraft on the static this year, but like every year a nice variety of visitors. Canada brought a CC-130 and CP-140. Lots of other Commonwealth countries were missing this year by the way. The US brought a lot of the usual suspects, like the B-52, P-8, KC-135, C-17, MC-130. Nice to see a KC-10 and VC-22 on the static again. A big miss was the absence of the three D-day F-15s.

Highlights this year included the Romanian MiG-21s and Spanish Navy EAV-8s. A first was the Greek T-6 and the semi-civil Qatari C-17 in full Qatar airways colors. The now privatized HM Coastguard showed the S-92, AW189 and rare Cessna F406 to patrol fishery. Another interesting visitor was the Jetstream of Cranfield University - Institute of Technology. The German Navy send a P-3C, which is not often seen at air shows.

Lots of special colors, like the Danish and Norwegian F-16s. Also the German air force had its beautiful “60 jahre Richthofen” Eurofighter on display. The duo Turkish F-4E had special tails applied to celebrate 70 years of NATO and 60 years 111 squadron. Both Jordan and Pakistan were back with their well-known C-130s with colorful tails.

As countries are still looking for a turbo prop trainer replacements, Raytheon brought the AT-6 and Embraer the EMB-314.

54+28, A400

ZJ694, Sentinel

130612, CC-130

6807, MiG-21

6824, MiG-21

6807, MiG-21

036, T-6

VA.1B-37 / 01-925, EAV-8

VA.1B-24 / 01-914, EAV-8

U.20-2 / 01-406, Cessna 550

VA.1B-37 / 01-925, EAV-8

ZF448 / 448, Tucano

XX321 / CI, Hawk

ZK027 / R, Hawk

XW224, Puma

1219 / DAZ, SA330

D-661, CH-47

ZZ191, Hunter

43+25, Tornado

46+05, Tornado

MM7057 / 6-04, Tornado

691, F-16

691, F-16

E-191, F-16

30+67, EF2000

30+25, EF2000

30+25, EF2000

71 blue, Su-27

71 blue, Su-27


G-ETPK, BAe 146

ZK020 / K, Hawk

ZM324 / 324, Texan

ZZ502, Avenger

ZM519, Juno

ZM335, Phenom

N610AT, AT-6

39816 / 816, JAS39

ZJ913 / 913, Typhoon

MT55232, T-346


60-0048 / LA, B-52

60-0048 / LA, B-52

60-0048 / LA, B-52

169329 / PD-329, P-8

169329 / PD-329, P-8

96-0201 / LN, F-15

169329 / PD-329, P-8

ZJ208, Apache

99-0169, C-17

ZZ393, Wildcat

58-0100 / D, KC-135

58-0100 / D, KC-135

01, C-17

77-0296, F-4

77-0288, F-4

77-0296, F-4

J-368, F-16

G-MCGK, S-92

G-TURF, Cessna F406


ZH827, Merlin

XX256 / CU-846, Hawk

140112, CP-140

1115, An-28

G-NFLA, Jetstream

79-1950, KC-10

87, EMB-121

60+01, P-3

83+10, Super Lynx

345, C-130

3766 / 766, C-130

10-0052, CV-22

12-5757, MC-130

2706, C-27

06, C-27

MM62225 / 46-90, C-27

CC-2, C295

M-519, EH101

MM81865 / 15-02, HH-101

76683, Il-76

76683, Il-76

76683, Il-76

A7-MAB, C-17

A7-MAB, C-17

LX-N90451, E-3

G-UH1H, UH-1

G-UH1H, UH-1

G-UH1H, UH-1


N45CF, Beech 18


G-BYCT, L-29

I-FENI, P.166

211 / MAH, C-130

We really loved to see the UH-1 Huey and OH-6 Loach back of the static. These fully restored helicopters resemble there Vietnam war past, complete with door gunner extra’s.

For the third year in a row, Ukraine was back with 2 Su-27s and a different (gray) Il-76.

On the next page, highlights from the airshow, including the Ukraine Su-27, Romainian MiG-21 and Spanish EAV-8 Harrier demo.

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