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Royal International Air Tattoo 2018

By Gostar den Daas | July 2018
100 years RAF.

For the 2018 edition of the world’s biggest military airshow we celebrate 100 years RAF. The Royal International Air Tattoo was held at RAF Fairford on the weekend of 14-15 July, and was blessed with beautiful weather. Over 300 aircraft on display with some special visitors. A big contribution from Canada and the Ukraine was back. Also a first European visit for the JASDF Kawasaki C-2.

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RAF 100

To celebrate 100 years RAF many aircraft carried the 100 RAF special markings. Due to the close relationship Canada brought a big contribution this year, with their NORAD CF-188 demo and CC-130J, CC-177 and CH-146 Griffon on the static. The last we missed due to bad light conditions in the morning and the fact that it was loaded in the CC-177 at shows end.

Other highlights included the RAF RC-135W, Australian E-7, an operation Meteor T7, used by Martin Baker as an ejection seat flying testbed. Then there was of course the MQ-9B Reaper, which flew in 24 hours from the US in one go to Fairford, a first Atlantic crossing for a medium altitude drone.

Also special were the still fly worthy Whirlwind HAR10 and Sycamore Mk52 helicopters. The last is operated by the Flying Bulls. The Hunter F58A ZZ191 has a magnificent new paint scheme applied. But stat of the show, was the first European appearance of the new Japanese Air Force Kawasaki C-2 transport aircraft.

US contribution was less than other years, but it was nice to see a KC-10 back on the static. Also the E-6 from the Navy is a rare sight.

After last year’s success the Ukraine was back with the Il-76 and two Su-27s.

ZZ665, RC-135

ZJ692, Sentinel

4178 / 178, C-130

177705, CC-177

A30-001, E-7

4178 / 178, C-130

ZH887, Hercules

ZM411, Atlas

ZE700, BAe146

ZK378, Typhoon

ZA588 / 056, Tornado

XX203 / CF, Hawk

XW216, Puma

ZF378 / RN-S, Tucano

XJ729, Whirlwind

OE-XSY, Sycamore

WV740, Pembroke

XW324, Jet Provost

WA638, Meteor

G-ETPF, H125


N190TC, MQ-9

ZM416, Atlas

D-CNEU, DO-228

85-0096 / EL, B-1

85-0096 / EL, B-1

85-0096 / EL, B-1

61-0321 / D, KC-135

08-0050, CV-22

92-2104, HC-130

169335, P-8

163918, E-6

ZZ191, Hunter

XX157 / CU, Hawk

ZK001 / AF, Merlin

ZH839, Merlin


68-1203, C-2

68-1203, C-2

68-1203, C-2

68-1203, C-2

68-1203, C-2

NH-221, NH90

07-7188, C-17

MM81868 / 15-05, HH-101

MM81805 / 15-49, HH-139

87-0120, KC-10

CE-02, ERJ-135

Q-29, AH-64

77, EMB-121

1962, C-27

08, C-27

71 Blue, Su-27

71 Blue, Su-27

41 Yellow, AN-2

E-018, F-16

J-879, F-16

78820, Il-76

78820, Il-76

L9-68, PC-9

260, PC-9

MM62223 / 46-88, C-27

54+10, A400

344, C-130

505, C-130

1503, C-130

8T-CA, C-130

B-536, C-130

44+65, Tornado

03, C-17

30+94, EF-2000

MM7345 / 37-45, F-2000

39825 / 825, JAS-39

Air Show

Highlight of the air show would have been a Romanian MiG-21, but unfortunately a MiG-21 crashed just two weeks before the RIAT at a Romanian air show. The fleet was grounded thereafter. Hope to see them next year.

130 / 4-GI, Rafale

130 / 4-GI, Rafale

130 / 4-GI, Rafale

NH-219, NH90

NH-219, NH90

-, AT-339

-, Hawk

520, F-16

520, F-16

520, F-16

9239, JAS-39

9239, JAS-39

MM5520 / 61-16, T-346

MM5520 / 61-16, T-346

CSX62219 / RS-50, C-27

CSX62219 / RS-50, C-27

CSX62219 / RS-50, C-27

H-29, A-109

On the next page, more highlights from the airshow, including the US heritage flight, RAF 100 celebrations, the Canadian CF-188 demo and the ever impressive Su-27.

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