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Royal International Air Tattoo 2016

By Gostar den Daas | July 2016
Fairford’s Year of the Lightning.

The annual Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford would be extra special this year, with the first visit of six F-35s, including the STOVL B version and the first RAF B model. Aviamagazine was present on the last show day and departure day on Monday.

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Like every year the static had a large variety of aircraft, Australia send a KC-30 and Pakistan a beautifully painted Hercules. Also lots of EF-2000s this year. Great to see two Greek Phantoms still going strong. Departure day would prove this is still one of the most impressive fighters out there.


XX319, Hawk

ZK329 / FH, Typhoon

ZG771, Tornado

ZA612 / 074, Tornado

ZK027 / R, Hawk

ZZ191, Hunter

XX316 / CU-849, Hawk

ZH883, Hercules

4144, L-382

CH-08, C-130

60+03, P-3

140105, CP-140

G-AHKX, Avro 652

A39-001, KC-30

39821 / 821, JAS-39

FA-77, F-16

FA-77, F-16

86-0176 / LN, F-15

91-0605 / LN, F-15

86-0165 / LN, F-15

01504, F-4

71755, F-4

01504, F-4

C.16-36 / 14-03, EF-2000

30+59, EF-2000

MM55095 / 4-23, TF-2000

30+29, EF-2000

30+68, EF-2000

ZK315, Typhoon

ZK315, Typhoon

46+50, Tornado

58-0100 / D, KC-135

XW324, Jet Provost

Stars of the show

The F-35s, two present on the static, were of course stars of the show. This was the first time a B model visited Europe. The US Marines from VMFAT-501 brought two aircraft while the Air Force was present with three F-35As! (Two were planned). With the RAF B model, in all 6 were at Fairford during the show days. With two F-22s the Next Gen fighter theme was complete.

12-5058 / LF, F-35

12-5058 / LF, F-35

168727 / VM-19 , F-35

12-5058 / LF, F-35

168727 / VM-19, F-35

168727 / VM-19 , F-35

12-5058 / LF, F-35

09-4181 / FF, F-22

09-4191 / FF, F-22

168727 / VM-19 , F-35

The weather was so so, but at least dry, and during the show, sunny at times. Other highlights on the static were the Croatian Mi-171, first visit, and the Japanese KC-767. Another special visitor was the Omani C-295. This aircraft came straight from the factory and was flown to Oman after the show.

ZE416, A-109

E167 / 705-MN, Alpha Jet

ZJ645, Alpha Jet

D-890, CH-47

12-0063, CV-22

053, Falcon 20

1017, M-28

ZZ337, Voyager

07-3604, KC767

07-3604, KC767

07-3604, KC767



168853 / 853, P-8

168853 / 853, P-8

NZ7572, B757



223, Mi-171

D-HDDL, EC-135

ZJ226, Apache

026, C-295

87+62, Bo105

013, C-295

252, CN-235

50+48, C-160

G-SOAF, Strikemaster

347, C-130

903, C-295

54+03, A-400

I-FENI, P.166

353 / 125-AM, Mirage 2000

353 / 125-AM, Mirage 2000

353 / 125-AM, Mirage 2000

88-0032, F-16

88-0032, F-16

142 / 4-GU, Rafale

375 / 125-CL, Mirage 2000

FA-123, F-16

4046, F-16

523, F-16

In part 2 we look into the airshow, with impressive demo’s of the F-35, EF-2000 and Greek F-16C “Zeus”.

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