Show Reports

Open door Melsbroek 2013

event 21 September 2013 | location Melsbroek, Belgium

15 Wing organized an open door event to celebrate it’s 65th anniversary, and 40 years of C-130 operations. The whole Belgium Air Force utility, VIP fleet was present and lots of C-130s. The Federal Police which also uses Melsbroek Air Base also participated in this open door event.

German Phantom Pharewell

event 28-29 June 2013 | locationWittmund, Germany

After 40 years of service the last F-4F Phantom will retire from the German Air Force. In a two-day event, organized by the Luftwaffen at F-4 base Wittmundhafen in the most northern part of Germany, the public says goodbye to the last of the Spooks.

Paris Air Show 2013

event 21 June 2013 | locationLe Bourget, France

Highlight of the bi-annual Paris tradeshow , or Paris Air Show held at the airport of Le Bourget, was for sure the first public appearance and third flight ever of the new Airbus A350. Together with the Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 it represents the future of commercial flight.

Air Force Days 2013

event 14 June 2013 | locationVolkel AB, Netherlands

After a year of absence, The Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days, or Air Force Days, took place at Volkel Air Base on 14 and 15 June 2013. This year celebrating 100 years of military aviation in the Netherlands.

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