Show reports
Koksijde International Airshow 2011

Saudi Hawks

The Saudi Arabian Air Force brought there “Saudi Hawk” demo team to Europe for a goodwill tour. On their way to the RIAT in the UK they made a performance at the Koksijde airshow. Flying the Hawk obviously makes a lot of resemblance with the Red Arrow, and even some of the display figures look alike. Although rain was pouring during takeoff it was a great show to watch, with the Arabian music through the speakers as a special treat.

Patrouille De France


The headline for this year show, The Thunderbirds. Koksijde was the last show in their European Tour and as always they showed some extreme tide formation flying. Unfortunately due to a severe rain front coming in the show was cut short. The two aircraft demo’s were skipped and the team landed in a hurry before the skies opened.

This concludes this year’s airshow at Koksijde, Belgium.

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