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Air Force Days 2011

By Gostar den Daas | September 2011
Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days, Leeuwarden AB.

The annual open days of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, called Air Force Days were held on 16 and 17 September at Leeuwarden AB in the north of the Netherlands. Great weather on Friday made the airshow a spectacular event, especially with the use of lots of flares.

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The Static was located on the platforms and secondary runway (09-27). The last one was mainly used for aircraft participating in the airshow and some of the large visitors. A first this year for the NATO C-17 located at the end of the runway.

The usually suspects could be seen on the static located on the platform. Interesting was the AN-2 which was the first plane to cross the Atlantic on Bio-fuel.

ZH837/503, Merlin

N-195, NH-90

ZA166/CU-816, Sea King

88-0525/AV, F-16

677, F-16

308, SU-22

N244MJ, AN-2

FF-3, F-27

03, C-17

G-781, C-130

T-235, KDC-10

N39165, DC-2

Q-17, AH-64



91-0011, F-16

67, MiG-29

Airpower Demo

This year a new attack simulation was demonstrated during the airpower demo, showing the capabilities of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. A simulated town with villains and hostages was attacked by special forces using helicopters and a C-130. The scene was protected by Apaches and in the aftermath bombed by F-16s.

J-513, F-16

J-201, F-16

J-632, F-16

J-879, F-16

G-275, C-130

D-103, CH-47

Q-13, AH-64

S-447, AS532

S-447, AS532

Q-23, AH-64

D-663, CH-47


J-632, F-16


G-275, C-130


T-264, KDC-10

T-264, KDC-10

T-264, KDC-10

G-275, C-130

Read on in our next part, covering the Airshow and the spectacular AH-64 and F-16 demo’s.

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