Show reports
MAKS 2011

Russian Knights

The Russian Knights, or Russkiye Vityazi aerobatics demonstration team of the Russian Air Force was formed in 1991. The teams flies with four Su-27Ps and two Su-27UBs. They operate out of their home base at Kubinka air force base west of Moscow. In 2009 two Su-27s collided during a practice run killing one of the pilots. Despite this incident the team continues to perform aerobatics.

Strizhi (Swifts)

Strizhi (Swifts in English) is a aerobatic team formed in 1991 with the regiment 237th Centre for Display of Aviation Equipment. The teams flies 6 Mig-29s in single and dual (UB) seat configurations. The team is known for it’s tight formations sometimes spaced three metres apart.

10 blue, MiG-29

10 blue, MiG-29

Sokoly Rossii (Falcons of Russia)

Lipetsk air base is the home base of the Falcons of Russia aerobatic team. The team Su-30s performed together with Su-27s of the Russian air force.

Our visit to MAKS was of a larger trip, visiting airports, museums and scrap yards in the Moscow vicinity.

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