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MAKS 2011

By Gostar den Daas | August 2011
'Russian Stealth' T-50 public debut.

MAKS, also known as the Moscow Air Show is held every odd year at the Zhukovskiy air force base, southeast of Moscow. MAKS is the Russian trade show counterpart of the Le Bourget Paris Air Show and the Farnborough air show. MAKS 2011 took place on 16-21 August 2011. AviaMagazine was present on the first public day 19 august.

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The static, situated on the smaller runway (08-26), had a big variety of military and civil planes from different air force departments and companies. The Russian air force was present with an A-50 and Tu-95 and Tu-160 and several fighters. Transport capability was shown with a upgraded Il-76. The ministry of emergency was present with fire fighting helicopters and a Be-200. The army was present with several helicopters like the Mi-26, Ka-52 and Mi-28. Later on during the day, a Tu-144 (CCCP-77115) was towed to the static. This D type is beautifully preserved.

Some of the participants like the Boeing 787 already left on the public day. The US air force was present with a big delegation of F-16s, A-10s, a B-52, Orion and Galaxy.

RF-32765, Be-200

RA-26521, An-26

RA-46395, An-24


RA-55204, M-55

UR-NTN, An-158

RA-38012, Mi-38

41254, An-140

RF-32802, Ka-32

52 yellow, Ka-52

38 yellow, Mi-28

RF-94100, Tu-160

RF-94268/41 red, A-50

RF-94121/21 red, Tu-95

RA-78854, Il-76

778, Rysachyok

RA-64151, Tu-204

RA-85317, Tu-154

RF-95569/100 blue, Mi-26

RF-93129/01 blue, Mi-171

92 yellow, Ka-52

35 yellow, Ansat

RA-76492, Il-76

CCCP-77115, Tu-144

RF-92380/92 blue, MiG-31

RF-95621/10 red, Su-30

777, MiG-29

RF-92255/87 red, Su-25

51 red, Su-27

08 red, Su-34

30 yellow, Mi-8

Read on in our next part covering the air show, including the T-50 public debut.

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