Show reports
Nellis Aviation Nation 2010

In America they say, if it’s got a jet engine, it’s good enough for an air show, even if it doesn’t leave the ground. The Air Force Reserves showed there “Smoke-N-Thunder” jet car. It is powered by a J-34-48 engine, as used in the T-2A Buckeye. It serves a staggering 10.000 horse power.

I could be a scene from the Korean War, although the Phantom in the background would not exist yet.

The Planes of Fame air museum in Chino, CA is responsible for most flying warbirds during the Nellis air show. Aircraft like the P-51, P40 and F-86. Great to see these birds are still in the air!

ACC heritage flight

The USAF Heritage Flight program was established in 1997 to commemorate the Air Force's 50th anniversary. It involves today's fighters flying in close formation with World War II, Korean and Vietnam era fighters such as the P-51 Mustang and the F-86 Sabre.

The heritage flight is accompanied by the west coast F-22 demo. The Raptor (04-4066 / FF) operated from Langley AFB is flown by Major David "Zeke" Skalicky.

25012/FU-012, F-86


The Nellis air show is also the official homecoming of the Thunderbirds demo team. Nellis being there home base and this being the last show in this year’s schedule concludes this year’s demo season. 2011’s season will start in march.

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