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Nellis Aviation Nation 2010

By Gostar den Daas | November 2010
US Air Power Over Sin City.

The annual air show at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas NV, was held on 13 and 14 November 2010. Besides a favourite event in Las Vegas the Aviation Nation 2010, as the show is called, is also the official homecoming of the Thunderbirds demo team.

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As always the static on US air shows are free of fences but full of people. So photographing is kind of a hassle. The large aircraft are practically hard, but with lots of patients and especially at the end of the day it’s possible to take good pictures.

The static was located on the north part of the airfield (Transient West). Aircraft participating in the air show were located near taxiway B.

68-0021, C5

82-0018/WA, F-15

93-0553/WA, F-16

164405, E-6

94-0284/GA, E-8

64-14843/OF, RC-135

06-128/OT, F-22

08-0055/CH, MQ-9

89-0276, RC-12

04-0026, VC-22

90-0257/WA, F-15

64-13257/XL, T-38

08-0249/CH, MQ-1

07-3898/VN, T-6

79-0110/KC, A-10

164107/NH-601, E-2

164107/NH-601, E-2

60-0008/LA, B-52

164262/405, F/A-18

161880/NJ-900, EA-6

741536/AF-04, F-5

161519, F/A-18

79-0631/KC, A-10

86-0280/WA, F-16

ZJ930/AA, Typhoon

6573, MH-65

6033, MH-60

162683, A-1


05-4103/AK, F-22

59-1502, KC-135

44-30801, B-25

On the next two pages we’ll show you the air show with the legendary QF-4 Phantom and the fifth generation fighter, the F-22. Also full coverage of the Thunderbirds homecoming.

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