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Saffraanberg Open Door

By Frits Jongerman, Henk Nieuwenampsen | March 2008
Open house Belgian Technical School.

Download our exclusive Saffraanberg, Tongeren en Kamina (Kongo) inventory list.

On Sunday, March 9th the Belgian Technical School in Saffraanberg opened his doors. Since September 2007 this school is not only for technical education but also non technical educations.

Part of the Campus Saffraanberg is the Koninklijke School voor Onderofficieren (KSOO) (Royal School for non-commissioned officers (NCO’s).

Education is given in: Electronic military weapon systems, military armament, military and social scholarship, electrodynamics and aircraft technology.

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Almost every year the school has an open house. Young people can inform about a military career within the Belgian Armed Forces. There are good photo opportunities of the aircraft on display, because most of the people are inside the buildings to receive information about the Air Force, Army or Navy.

Besides the schools at the campus there are a few hangars. One big hangar with most of the ground instruction airframes and some new halls with helicopters and parts of airplanes/helicopters for paint instruction, repairs etc.

Also a small museum can be found in the main building. Great to see the history of this base. Some fine pieces of history can be found, like a summary of all the based aircraft (Ground Instruction) since World War II.

FA-03, F-16

FX-39, F-104

FB-03, F-16

BA-03, Mirage 5

BA-17, Mirage 5

BA-17, Mirage 5

ST-09, SF260

ST-09, SF260

FX-53, F-104

This year the main hangar was closed because of rebuilding. Most helicopters were stored inside this hangar and covered by dust! But, the fighters were parked outside.

Type Serial Sqn/Markings
F-16AFA-03Saffraanberg Technical School
F-16BFB-03OCU/10 Wing
Mirage 5BABA-178 Sm/3 WingSEA c/s
F-104GFX-391 WingSEA c/s
SF-260MST-095 Sm markingsyellow c/s

In one of the halls, A-109BA H-19 was found and also parts of A-109BA H-14 both ex Belgian Army.

Type Serial Sqn/Markings
Gate guard/closed hangar:
F-104GFX-53nb/BAFmetal c/s
Alouette-2A-27(ex. 18 Smaldeel)
Alouette-2A-72as “A-53” (ex. SLV)

So, it’s not for the quantity but the quality. The people were very friendly and if you want something removed to take a good photo, it was no problem. Great to visit in 2009 when the big hangar is open for the public again.

A-27, SE3130

H-14, A-109

H-19, A-109

Near Saffraanberg, Brustem Air Base is situated, a former Belgian Air Force education base. Some old hangars can be found and it’s still used for civilian flights. Around May this year, a red Fouga (MT-03 ) in Red Devils colours will be placed at a roundabout between the former Air Force base and Saffraanberg.

Former aircraft Technical School Saffraanberg, Tongeren en Kamina (Kongo)

Lots of aircraft past through the Technical School of Saffraanberg , Tongeren and Kamina in Congo. Together with the staff of the museum Saffraanberg we made a list of the complete inventory starting back in 1946.
Download our exclusive description inventory list.

After this Open Door we visited the museum in Brussel and the Stampe & Vertongen museum in Antwerpen. A good Sunday. I like to thank ‘wreck hunter’ Peter Plomp for his help and company this day.

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