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KLu Opendays 2008

By Gostar den Daas, Frits Jongerman | June 2008
"A New Kid On The Block"

The Annual Open Dagen (open days) of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was held on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st at Leeuwarden AB in the far north of the Netherlands. Highlights included a Canadian CP-140, the OV-10 and a flying display of the new NH-90. A first for the Netherlands was the Polish team Iskra and the historical RAF trainer Gnat.

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Static & Arrival

The static was as always located at the southern platform near the maintenance hangars and along the eastern shelter area and taxiway. The large aircraft were parked on the secondary runway. Flying aircraft were located on the opposite site (north) of the main runway. The FWIT contesters were located on the south 2 apron, and (again) not included in the static display.

77-1743, F-4

77-1743, F-4

69-7521, RF-4

602/3-XJ, Mirage 2000

015, CN-295

86-0147/LN, F-15

Aircraft above were photographed during there arrivals on the 19th.

140101, CP-140

85-0039, C-130

080, CL-604


N320SQ, TB-25

D-ICDY, Do-28

HA-ANI, An-2

3H-FC, PC-7

T-410, T-17

D-663, CH-47

30+12, EF2000

46+54, Tornado

26, MiG-29

15133, F-16

FA-132, F-16

ET-022, F-16

86-0147/LN, F-15

71743, F-4

FB-18, F-16

69-7501, RF-4

69-7501, RF-4

C.15-60/12-18, EF-18

ZD378/26, Harrier

ZD378/26, Harrier

J-876, F-16

J-881, F-16

S-438, AS532

XX481/CU-560, Jetstream

Read on in our next part including the airshow and the first public flying appearance of the Royal Netherlands Navy NH-90.

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