Show Reports

Photocall Wittmund 2008

event 30 July 2008 | location Wittmund AB, Germany

We were invited by JG-71 ‘Richthofen’ flying with the mighty F-4F Phantom II from Wittmund Air Base, in the northern part of Germany. The reason was the special painted JG-71 Phantom and of course 50 years F-4 Phantom. Also WTD-61 at Manching (Test unit) had something to celebrate so they painted 37+16 in a very smart colour scheme.

KLu Opendays 2008

event 20 - 21 June 2008 | location Leeuwarden AB, Netherlands

The Annual Open Dagen (open days) of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was held on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st at Leeuwarden AB in the far north of the Netherlands. Highlights included a Canadian CP-140, the OV-10 and a flying display of the new NH-90. A first for the Netherlands was the Polish team Iskra and the historical RAF trainer Gnat.

Weeze Open House

event 30 April 2008 | location Weeze Airport, Germany

On April 30, Queensday in the Netherlands and May 1st (Labour day), Weeze Apt held his 5 years anniversary. Not a large scale openhouse but always interesting and this year the roll out of a former 31 Sm/10 Wing Belgian Air Force F-104G in tiger colors was scheduled. So, time to visit this former RAF base just across the Dutch/German border.

Saffraanberg Open Door

event 9 March 2008 | location Saffraanberg, Belgium

On Sunday, March 9th the Belgian Technical School in Saffraanberg opened his doors. AviaMagazine was present. Lots of aircraft past through the Technical School of Saffraanberg , Tongeren and Kamina in Congo. Together with the staff of the museum Saffraanberg we made a list of the complete inventory starting back in 1946.

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