Show reports
KLu Opendays 2006

Arrival and Departure

When the Blue Angels arrived four days before the show, there were still some contesters to the FWIT exercise at Leeuwarden AB. On Thursday the Angels did an exercise run, with some low flying overhead the city of Leeuwarden.

On Saturday a charter B737 (Titan Airways) arrived during the show and left after the show. Reason of this visit is unknown.

Blue Angels

Blue Angels

96-0205/LN, F-15

98-0134/LN, F-15

288, F-16

162897/5, F/A-18

FA-86, F-16

LX-N90449, E-3

G-ZAPW, B737 thanks the Klu public relations and Bureau Opendagen for there support.

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