Show reports
Royal International Air Tatoo 2005


The airshow was dominated by RAF aircraft and not as good a past years. But the weather was great and the were some unique formations and aircraft flying. DHL also took one of it's B757's to the sky and performed some excellent stunt flying with a commercial airliner.

Last year the Red Arrows flew a formation with a F-117, this year a two spitfires teamed up with the Arrows. One of the spitfires is flying with the RAF historical flight and the other is owned by Rolls-Royce.

The Royal Navy performed a major role in the airshow this year, with a farewell formation of Sea harriers and a formation of four Jetstreams. The commercial jamming corporation FRA flew a formation with it's Falcon 20E's, accompanied by four Sea hawks.



XZ729/417, Lynx


ZA110/CU-563, Jetstream

G-BMRD, B757

ZJ809/BH, Typhoon

ZJ809/BH, Typhoon

PM631, Spitfire

G-RRGN, Spitfire

PM631, Spitfire

Red Arrows

XX292, Hawk

XX227, Hawk

XX170, Hawk

G-FFRA, Falcon 20

G-FRAF, Falcon 20

Q-30, AH-64

J-055, F-16

ZJ131/P, Merlin

HN-444/44, F-18

XZ103/FP, Jaguar

ZD895/TI, Tornado

ZH796/001, Sea Harrier

Sea Harrier

XW198, Puma

XV200/200, Hercules

85-0089/DY, B-1

85-0089/DY, B-1

61-0003/LA, B-52

97-0401, C-37

G-HHAC, Hunter

In all a great edition of the world largest airshow with an excellent static display. Cheers go out for the large variety of aircraft from several countries including former Eastern Europe.

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