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Czech International Air Fest 2005

By Gostar den Daas | September 2005
Jewels of the east.

Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic and is located in the southeast of the country. The airshow is held on Turany the civil airfield of Brno, just southeast of the city. The static is located on the taxiway of the one runway airfield. Like every year there some interesting visitor's you don't seen on a European show. Romania send a C-130B, while Slovakia and Serbia send there main transporter the An-26. Russia was present with a Il-76. Other highlight included the Serbian Orao, Galeb and Super Galeb, Greek F-16 Block 52, RAF jaguars, French F-1's, Czech Mi-2 and the rarely seen Puma gunship of the Romanian Air Force (IAR 330 SOCAT).

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Also the brand new Czech Jas-39 Gripen was displayed for the first time to the public. Photographing the Gripen on the ground was difficult because all the Czechs want to touch the plain themselves. Fortunately there was a flyby later on the morning with three aircraft.

5927, C-130

636/33-NL, F1

2415, L-39

XZ355/FJ, Jaguar

610, F-16

7353, Mi-24

9767, Mi-171

0713, Mi-2

0711, W-3

RA-78818, IL-76

RA-78818, IL-76

71382, An-26

23732, G-4

25531, NJ-22

3208, An-26

0846, Mi-17


78, IAR330

1003, Tu-154

Stars of the show: The Russian aerobatics team Strizhi (Swifts) flying the MiG-29UB in both single and dual seat versions. In the first part of the air show the 01 blue flew a solo display, followed by the whole team later on the day.

Another highlight was of course the first public appearance of the Czech Jas-39. Three of these flew a formation during the opening of the show. Other Czech Air Force types like the Mi-17, Mi-24, L-39 and L-159 flew in formation.

0828, Mi-17

7356, Mi-24

5017, L-39

9237, JAS-39

9238, JAS-39

6071, L-159

01 blue, MiG-29

01 blue, MiG-29

01 blue, MiG-29

01 blue, MiG-29

01 blue, MiG-29

OK-BYR Bell, 412

More Strizhi in the next part of the report!

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