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Ronneby Airshow

By Frits Jongerman, Koen Hartkamp | August 2004
Flottlj 17 Airshow.

This year's Swedish AF airshow was held at Ronneby airbase in the southern part of Sweden. Ronneby is home to the flottlj 17 (17th Wing) operating the JAS-39 Gripen. What makes this openday extra special is the fact the that you don´t see Swedish AF aircraft elsewhere, very often.

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We departed on Saturday August 29th and after a long drive by coach we arrived Sunday morning. The weather was great; clear blue sky. After a short briefing we were transported to the flight line to take some pictures. We were able to shoot some pictures during a take off of two HKp.4's (KV-107's) and a Hkp-9 (Cougar). Very nice, especially the splinter camouflage of the HKp-4's. Next, the coaches brought us to the static. For journalist and spotters a place created near the taxi track. Very well organised, compliments to the organisation.


On the static some nice surprises, like an ERJ-145H (374/PP-XGK) from the Hellenic Air Force (the radar and electronics are placed in Sweden) and a Hkp.15 (A-109E) in black colour scheme. The Swedish Air Force has two A-109's in loan and they will return to Italy when the ordered A-109's will be delivered. Also a Tp.89 (CASA 212) was on the static.






Two RDAF Esk.726 F-16's, two Fennecs, one OH-6A from Esk.724, 1 German JBG-32 Tornado ECR and one Mirage 2000C from EC 02.005 were the foreign static participants. Most of the Swedish Air Force types were present. Also three Viggen variants were at the static: JA-37DI, SK-37E and AJSF-37. Four Gripens; 2 JAS-39A, 1 JAS-39B and 1 JAS-39C. Some aircraft that flew a demo were parked near the static like the Saab 17B, J-32D Lansen and J-35J Draken.

Mirage 2000



Saab 17



Besides the static and flightline, also a visit to the maintenance hangar was possible. After the air show ended at four, some aircraft like the Viggens were towed to the hangars, so there were enough opportunities to photograph them without barriers and people. The whole static platform was without people (except some spotters) around five o'clock. We had to leave at six so… happy shooting.




At the civil site of the airfield, one Hercules was parked and also a former Swedish Air Force Sk.50's and a Saab Safir in Norwegian colours. Also a former Dutch Saab 91A was seen; the SE-IRN/C (former PH-RLC).

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