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50 Years 313 "Tiger" Squadron

By Frits Jongerman | April 2004
Tigers over Volkel.

On December 1st 1953 313 Squadron was activated at Volkel AB. Because of operational commitments the celebration of 50th anniversary was held on April 1st and 2nd 2004. Also a spottersday for local spottersgroups was held. On Thursday April 1st about 200 spotters were invited at Twenthe AB and saw the new Tiger F-16AM, the J-366, during the afternoon mission. This aircraft features a very nice painted tiger tail.

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Tigers are Go!

On March 31st the Tiger F-16 was shown to the families of the 313 Squadron members. The F-16 was towed out of a hangar with a lot of smoke and noice (music). They also showed their Tiger Volkswagen. The demo F-16AM (J-016) and PC-7 (L-08) of 131 Squadron (with the old 313 badge in his tail) gave their demo's for the public and the many spotters outside the airbase.

Years ago, a reunion like this used to attract many foreign visitors, although this hasn't been the case for the last couple of years. This year, only two AG-51 Tornado IDS of the German Air Force (callsign "GermanAF SW51A and B") and two Super Etendards of 11 F/French Navy (callsign "French Navy 5184A and B") showed up. They all arrived on Wednesday March 31st and flew two missions on April 1st with the F-16's of 313 Squadron.

44+48 Tornado IDS

44+17 Tornado IDS

J-366 F-16AM

J-138 F-16AM

51 Super Etendard

55 Super Etendard

55 Super Etendard

J-511 F-16AM

J-016 F-16AM

J-056 F-16BM

Seen during the spottersday (12:00 - 16:00):

Type Sqn Serials
Super Etendards11 F/FN51 and 55 (55 with tiger fueltanks)
Tornado IDSAG-51/GAF43+48 (green c/s) and 44+17 (grey/grey c/s)
F-16AM313 SquadronJ-145, J-366 (spec c/s), J-508, J-511, J-875
F-16AM315 Squadron *J-058, J-138, J-141
F-16BM313 SquadronJ-065
F-16BM315 Squadron *J-067
F-16AMnb (313)J-136 (315 badge removed; only grey circle visible)
F-16AMnb (EHLW)J-016 (demo c/s); 2 demo's
F-16BM311 SquadronJ-652 (with 313 low viz badge) callsign "Flame"

* 315 Squadron was deactivated last January; the F-16's are with 313 Squadron but still wear their old 315 badge). Also 315 Squadron callsigns are heard on the scanner and F-16's are still operating out of the 315 hangars).

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