Exercise reports
Nato Tiger Meet 2009

NTM Participants

A. Blue Forces (the tiger squadrons)

Sqn Air Force Type #
31 SqnBelgian Air ComponentF-16AM[5]
814 NASBritish Royal NavyEH-101 Merlin[1] *
211 SqnCzech Air ForceJAS-39C/D[3]
221 SqnCzech Air ForceMil Mi-24/35 Hind[2]
EC 01.012France Air ForceMirage 2000B/CI[1/4]
ECE 05-330France Air ForceRafale B & Mirage 2000-5F[3&2]
JBG-32 (1 Staffel)German Air ForceTornado ECR[2] *
AG 51German Air ForceTornado IDS[3]
59/1 SqnHungarian Air ForceJAS-39C/D[3]
21 GrupoItalian Air ForceAB-212[2]
301 TFSPortuguese Air ForceF-16BM[1] *
313 SqnRoyal Netherlands Air ForceF-16AM[6]
338 SkvRoyal Norwegian Air ForceF-16AM/BM[6]
142 Esc/Ala 14Spanish Air ForceMirage F.1M[4]
Ala 15Spanish Air ForceEF-18A+[2]
11 StaffelSwiss Air ForceF/A-18C & D[4/1]

* Arrived Friday September 18th

B. Red Forces (opposite forces)

Sqn Air Force Type #
349 Sqn /10 WgBelgian Air ComponentF-16AM/BM[4]
OCU /10 WgBelgian Air ComponentF-16AM/BM[2]
5 Sm/1 WingBelgian Air ComponentSF-260D[2]
15 WingBelgian Air ComponentC-130H[1]
Augusta SqnBelgian Army ComponentA-109HA[2]
11 StaffelSwiss Air ForceF-5E Tiger II[2]
CrotaleFrance, Cambrai ABCrotale A-G missiles

Serial numbers

Sqn Serials
31 Sqn /10 Wgo.a. FA-87 (tiger camo)
211 .tl/21.zTLJAS 39C: 9237 (tiger tail) and JAS-39D : 9819, 9820
221 lbvr/22.zLMil Mi-24V 7354 and Mil Mi-35 7360
EC 01.012Mirage 2000C: 91/103-YP tiger c/s; 118/103-YG, 120/103-KC, 122/103-YE
EC 02.012Mirage 2000B: 526/115-YP
ECE 05-330Rafale B: 303/118-EA and 304 (118-EB) tiger camo (catwoman), 305/118-EC, Mirage 2000-5F 76/118-EB and 77/118-AX
JBG-32 (1 Staffel)45+12, 45+38 (40 years Tornado tailmarkings) both arr 18th
AG 5145+06 (Last Call 511 c/s), 45+22, 45+82
59/1 Sqn33,37 and 38 JAS-39C and 43 JAS-39D
21 Grupo/9 StormoMM81148
1 Sqn-
301 TFSF-16BM: 15137 (arr 18th)
313 SqnF-16AM: J-003 (311 badge; changed with 313 badge), J-062, J-646,J-866 (311 badge; arr 18th),F-16BM J-884
338 SkvF-16AM 276, 658, 668, 671 (tiger tail), 681,F-16BM 692 (Artic Tiger 2007 markings)
142 Esc/Ala 14Mirage F.1M: C.14-38/14-20, C.14-41/14-22 (tiger tail), C.14-56/14-31 (tiger tail), C.14-72/14-44
Ala 15EF-18A+: C.15-24/15-11 (arr 17th) C.15-39/15-26 (dep 17th),C.15-64/15-34
11 StaffelF/A-18C: J-5002 (dep 17th), J-5004, J-5010, J-5011 (special tiger mks), J-5012, F/A-18D: J-5232 (arr 17th)
349 Sqn /10 Wgvarious F-16AM/BM
OCU /10 Wgvarious F-16AM/BM (o.a. FB-19 spec OCU 20 years tail on 18th)
5 Sm/1 WingST-44, ST-48 (tiger markings)
15 Wing/20 SmCH-05
Augusta SqnH-30, H-40


Sqn Type Air Force
110, 407An-26MH-59/HungAF
2409An-26242.tl/Czech AF
2507An-26242.tl/Czech AF spec mks
2601Let-410UVP-E242 .tl
T-729Beech 1900DLTDB/SwissAF
T-784Cessna 560XLLTDB/SwissAF
T.10-08/31-05C-130HAla 31/SpanAF desert c/s
T.10-09/31-06C-130HAla 31/SpanAF grey c/s
T.21-21/35-48CN-295MAla 35/SpanAF
T.21-23/35-50CN-295MAla 35/SpanAF
MM62218/46-82C-27J 46 Stormo/98 Gr/AMI
R224/64-GXC-160FET 00.064/French AF
185Falcon 10MER57 S/French Navy
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