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Nato Tiger Meet 2009

By Frits Jongerman | September 2009
Kleine Brogel AB, Belgium.

This year, the annual Nato Tiger Meet, or NTM, was held at Kleine Brogel AB in Belgium. Host is the 31 “Tiger” Squadron, part of the 10 Wing. The NTM started at Monday September 14th with the arrival of most of the tiger participants. Also a lot of support was sent to this Belgian Air Component base in the northern part of Belgium, close to the Dutch border.

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During the arrivals we were invited by the Belgian Air Component. The visit started with a briefing about the history of the Nato Tiger Association and the Tiger Meet 2009 at Kleine Brogel. Major Jeroen Poesen did the briefing. He is the current commanding officer of the 31 Tiger Squadron and he is also acting chairman of the NATO Tiger Association.

The Belgian Air Component is very busy at the moment, including operations in Afghanistan (6 F-16AM’s stationed at Kandahar Air Field) but the annual Tiger Meet is also very important (the Tiger spirit must go on) so they also put a lot of effort in this NTM 2009.

Before we tell you more about the first ‘Tiger day’ have a look at the history of the Nato Tiger Association.

This is only a small part of the participants, read on in the 2nd part for more pictures!

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