Exercise Reports

TLP 2006-5

event September 2006 | location Florennes, Belgium

AviaMagazine visited the fifth edition of the Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) this year at Florennes airbase in Belgium. And again lots of visitors from several European countries.

TLP 2006-3

event May 2006 | location Florennes, Belgium

Rene Wilthof visited the Belgium Airbase Florennes for the third edition of the Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) for this year. Present at this edition: French F1's and Super Etendards, Greek F-4's, Italian and English Tornado's (IDS / GR4 / F3), Spanish F1's and F/A-18's. The USAF participated with F-15E's from Lakenheath and F-16's from Spandalem.

Ample Train 2006

event 7-10 April 2006 | location Volkel, Netherlands

The live logistics exercise Ample Train is taking place from 7 till 10 april at Volkel AB, The Netherlands. The aim of Exercise Ample Train is to focus specifically on logistics and provide training for intensive fighter aircraft ground crew, free from the pressures of a normal air exercise. In concrete terms, ground crew personnel is being trained in duties such as refuelling, carrying out pre and post flight safety checks, and ensuring weapon safety if the aircraft is armed. AviaMagazine was present.

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