Exercise reports

TLP 2005-4

By Frits Jongerman | June 2005
Tactical Leadership Program exercise.

On Wednesday June 23th we were invited to visit the TLP at Florennes AB. The weather promised to be good so we left early in the morning. When we arrived it was already warm, at ten o'clock we were looking for the shadow! On 11 o'clock we checked in and the public affairs people brought us to the flightline. On the left all the F-16's and two Super Etendards and at the right side the Tornado's, F-15E's, Jaquar Gr.3's and Mirage 2000N's. Six Danish F-16AM's, 2 Italian F-16A ADF's and 4 Greek F-16C block 52 Vipers. The ground crew of the Greek F-16's were very helpful to remove the covers and all kind of hardware around the aircraft. Great!

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Around half past twelve the TLP was starting up and the organisation gave us a choice; taxi track or take off pictures. We decided to make take off shots. Especially the Tornado's and the Strike Eagles can performe very spectacular take offs. We heard that around half past one a Greek C-130H would arrive and at two o'clock four new F-16C/D block 52's for Clean Hunter. No Greek C-130H but a CASA 212 of Ala 35 arrived around half past one. Some aircraft did a very low take off, specially the Tornado F.3's of the Royal Air Force. Also some Danish F-16's were very low. It's a very strange sight to see the departure of Super Etendards. Very slowly. Do they make it? Also their landing is very strange; it sounds like their engine will quit.

51, Super Etendard

99-1500, F-16

MM7259, F-16

MM7244, F-16

E-070, F-16

ZG753/HH, Tornado

No Greek C-130H at half past two. Will the F-16's show up? Can we make 14:00 at the other side of the base (outside?).Because the late departure of the two RAF Jaquars we were very late. After a fast ride to the western side of the base we saw a formation of four F-16's with large wingtanks. The Greeks! After the break the first F-16 was on final and we parked our car at the side of the road, took our camera and shoot the first landing F-16.

A F-16D with serial 610 (99-1544) and with the large upper deck. No external fueltanks at top of the aircraft (still problems with leaking tanks). After the dual, three normal F-16C block 52's arrived. No badges but the unit is 115 PM (340 Mira). The serials of these three were 533 (99-1533),534 (01-8530)and 536 (01-8532).

45+07, Tornado

79/12-KS, Mirage

505, F-16

96-0201/LN, F-15

610, F-16

FA-101, F-16

FB-12, F-16

TM.11-4/408-12, Falcon 20

MM7244, F-16

XZ118/FR, Jaquar

ZD466/56, Harrier

45+07, Torando

ZG753/HH, Tornado


Sqn Type Serial
Esk. 726*F-16AME-601, E-607,E-610 & E-611
11 F/NavySuper Etendard M51, 52
EC 01.004Mirage 2000N337/4-AK, 367/4-AW
EC 02.012Mirage 2000C79/12-KS, 102/12-KR
JBG-33Tornado IDS44+46, 45+07 and 45+69
343 Mira/115 PMF-16C500, 505, 513 & 514
23 Gr/5 StF-16A ADFMM7244, MM7259
Royal Air Force:
1 SqnHarrier Gr.7ZD466/56
41 SqnJaquar Gr.3XZ118/FR, XX767/FK
25 SqnTornado F.3ZE831/XQ, ZG780/WF
111 SqnTornado F.3ZG753/HH **
408 Esc.Falcon 20E ECMTM.11-4/408-12
USAF Europe:
492 FS/48 FWF-15E96-201/LN, 98-135/LN
Support TLP:
Ala 37CASA 212T.12B-17/37-03
356 MiraC-130H746

* no badges carried
** Special coloured tail

We like Public Affairs from the TLP for their invitation.

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